Richard Corey ‘Big Hoss’ Harrison is an American businessman and TV personality best known for appearing in the History TV series, Pawn Stars.

Corey is the grandson of Richard Benjamin Harrison and son of Rick Harrison, who are featured in the show.

He is a crucial member of the family business, The World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, and the show which premiered in 2009.

Here are 5 facts about Big Hoss that you might not have known

Corey has tried different jobs

Kids who grow up with a family business, usually try different things instead of joining their parents’ company.

Corey had a similar case. He worked different jobs which included being an electrician, construction worker, and sawmill worker.

Corey’s Love Life

Corey’s personal life has been a topic for many news outlets and fans.

He was previously married to his college girlfriend, Charlene, with whom he got divorced in 2015.

After the divorce, he met Roxy Gonzalez, and they hit it off quickly. But, the two couldn’t make it together and went their separate ways after a short time.

Corey is currently married to Kiki Nejo Harrison.

Corey’s relationship with Chumlee

Chumlee once pushed Corey down a hill on rollerblades, because he thought Corey had been bullying his sister.

When they met the next day, the fight was on and apparently, Corey had the upper hand.

The two later became friends through a mutual friend, and eventually, their friendship started to blossom.

His other longtime friend

Just like Chumlee, Big Hoss has gotten other friends hired at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop as well.

One of them is Travis Benton, who has been a friend with Corey since they were 11.

Travis started working at the store in 2005, and he currently serves as the shop’s general manager.

Corey’s autograph might be rare

Because of the fame and fortune, the pawn stars have collected, they can’t stay behind the counter of their shop.

They have employees to do that now so that they can provide autographs for fans who visit the shop.

But, fans more likely to be disappointed when they find out that Corey goes to the shop only for administrative work and when episodes are being filmed.