Sad news for Pawn Stars fans!

After more than a year of togetherness star of History channel’s hit reality show, Pawn Stars, Austin Lee Russel better known as the Chumlee and his wife, Olivia Readmann have separated. 

Chumlee Divorced!

According to our sources, Chumlee and Olivia’s decision to split was “mutual” and the couple had “really thought about this step.”

Pawn Stars star, Austin Lee Russell aka Chumlee with his ex-wife, Olivia Readmann. Austin Lee Russell was married to Olivia Readmann in 2019.

Although the couple had been in an on-and-off relationship since 2016 and their dating life was under a rock for months, they went public about their relationship in May 2019, when Chumlee shared a picture of Olivia on his Instagram account.

The couple announced their engagement later that month which was followed by a wedding in August 2019.

They had a pre-wedding celebration in Las Vegas on February 11. Many of his close friends were invited including Rick Harrison and Corey Harrsion.

Reality TV star, Austin Lee Russel aka Chumlee and his ex-wife, Olivia Readmann. Austin Lee Russel had allegedly broken up with Olivia Readmann because of his tight working schedule

There are many speculations that the couple’s abrupt split must have been because of Chumlee’s tight schedule because he had to divide his time between the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and his candy shop.

Let’s hope that chumlee and Olivia can make their marriage work.

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