Patrick McGaw (age 47, born on September 13, 1967) is an actor by his profession till the date. In the film industry, he has been known for his outstanding performance in the movie The Basketball Diaries and Malicious. Due to being born in to American parents, he also holds an American nationality. Also, he has good education background. He has just initiated his career in acting field so he has a lot to do to get the height of success in his future. Till the date his net worth has not yet mentioned in any particular source. On addition, taking his age as reference it can be assumed that he can be in married state but still the details about his relation has not yet flashed in media . Till the date his net worth has not yet mentioned. He never misses any chance to appear in interview to explain about his success story which is also available in wiki and other biographical sites. He is comparatively very active in social sites as like twitter. 

47 years old Patrick was born on September 13, 1967 in United States of America. He holds an American nationality due to being born to American parents. Furthermore other information about his childhood and earlier life has not yet mentioned by any source. Hence his readers can still look forward to know about him in coming years.

Though his acting line startup has not yet mentioned in any source of information but still he has proven the world his ability of achieving success with the help of his potential. McGaw also appeared in the films Amongst Friends (1993) (his first acting credit), Scorpion Spring (1996) and Dream with the Fishes (1997).

From 1997–1998, McGaw was a regular cast member on the Steven Bochco-produced police drama, Brooklyn South, playing Terry Doyle. He then guest starred in the series Chicken Soup for the Soul in 2000 and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2008, his last acting credit. Till the date, his few acting roles are still remembered with great appreciation. He is best known for his role as Neutron in the 1995 film The Basketball Diaries and as Doug Gordon in the 1996 film Malicious.  

Talking about his personality and well built man with great body posture, Patrick is popular for his body among his fans and followers. Furthermore he has been admired for his great personality and attitude. He has been believed to be married to anyone but the details is still missing. He hasn’t yet made any statement about his marriage and any further planning about settlement in future. It has been stated that he is in relation with her but still their relation is made confidential from media spotlight. Though the media is searching much more information about them but still enough facts are not came in to the light so that people would know more about them. Hence at the present their relation can only be predicted from farther distant. He has been counted among those celebrities who keeps their relation confidential from public. As a result his fans and followers are wondering to know more about him.

He has been admired by huge mass of fans and followers. So, he has been followed by many fans in all the social sites. He has comparatively he has been very popular among his fans and followers. He is continuously active in most of the social net working sites as like facebook, twitter. His fans are in continuous touch with him via those sites and are capable of knowing him more closely. On addition he has his own website where he has kept enough information about his life style. Though Patrick has not been awarded and also has been most popular actor from America to achieve so much success in a little time. It seems in coming years he has to achieve new success in his life.