Pam Grier is an African-American actress with unique body measurements. She is considered as one of the sex symbols of the 70s. Her hot and attractive physique has garnered her a huge fan base.

Pam Grier’s sexy bikini avatars have stolen the hearts of many

Pam Grier rose to prominence from her hot and sexy yet bold and confident characters in the 70s blaxploitation movies. With her work in several women in prison films by Jack Hills, she caught the eyes of many. She used to give the audience a complete package of action and sensuality. 

Pam Grier in the iconic yellow colored bikini. She is looking at the camera with a poise on her face. Her legs look so luscious.

Pam is the first African-American female to appear in an action film as a lead. She is also noted for her “beautiful face and astonishing form.” 

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During the 70s, when Pam was at the height of her career, she had an enticing figure with body measurements of 40-28-40 inches. She is 5 feet and 8 inches and used to weigh around 73 kg. She had a perfect hourglass-shaped body and she looked irresistibly hot in the bikinis.

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Blessed with a naturally attractive figure, Pam has always been confident to make hot scenes in the movies and TV shows. She has even played a n*de scene in the movie, Coffy, which remains as one of her most remarkable performances till date.

Pam Grier still looks beautiful and attractive in her 60s. She wearing a blue dress and furry outer which is complemented by the pearl neck piece and curly hair.

Pam is in her late 60s at present. With time, her body has been showing many changes. However, she still manages to look beautiful.