Oscar Bilzerian came to the spotlight as the father of a businessman. However, his son remains surrounded by controversies. Moreover, the celebrities father remains rather reclusive to the world.

Bilzerian became famous or infamous as the father of a convicted felon and corporate takeover specialist. What’s more, his son is also an army vet. But what about Oscar? What did he do? Well, here’s what we could dig up on Bilzerian.

How Old is Oscar Bilzerian? Bio and Family

Despite Oscar Bilzerian’s fame, the celebrity father remained hidden from the spotlight. Likewise, his age remains hidden to this date. Moreover, his date of birth stays hidden from the world as well. Furthermore, he held an American nationality.

Oscar Bilzerian was smiling as the photo was taken
Oscar Bilzerian was smiling as he took the photo. Source: wikibio

Oscar came from Armenian descent. But, Bilzerian and his family later moved to America. Likewise, Bilzerian later started working as a civil servant. Similarly, the name of Oscar’s parents remains hidden. As such, the celebrity father’s parentage remains hidden.

Given his career, Oscar seems to hold a degree. However, the colleges and schools Bilzerian attended remain hidden from the world. Besides, he keeps his early life away from public view.

Dan Bilzerian

Another member of Oscar’s family, Dan Bilzerian, gained a massive spotlight over the years. However, Oscar’s grandson hasn’t always managed to find himself in good publicity. Moreover, most often, Dan manages to find himself involved in a controversy.

Daniel Brandon Bilzerian was born on December 7th, 1980. And so, the actor/influencer, Dan, is forty-one years old as of 2022. Moreover, the controversy-filled personality comes from Armenian-American ancestry.

What’s more, the Armenian-American influencer was born to Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen. Furthermore, Dan grew up with a sibling named Adam Bilzerian. Likewise, he and his brother Adam attended Gaither High School. Afterward, Dan dropped out of the University of Florida.

Married Life of Oscar Bilzerian

Oscar Bilzerian married the love of his life. Besides, he tied the knot back in the early 1940s. Similarly, his wedding was held in an intimate environment.

Dan Bilzerian the grandson of Oscar Bilzerian was handing food to a monkey
Dan Bilzerian, the grandson of Oscar Bilzerian, was handing food to a monkey. Source: Instagram

Besides, Bilzerian married Joan Bilzerian née Barrie. The civil servant and his wife later ended up divorcing. But, the details regarding the divorce between Oscar and Joan remain hidden.

Who is Melissa Esplana?

Before the divorce, Oscar and his ex-wife welcomed Paul Bilzerian. Moreover, he and his ex-partner gave birth to one son. As such, Paul was labeled as a juvenile delinquent.

Paul’s Childhood

Paul was rebellious during his early life. Moreover, the ex-convict did many things resulting in him getting in trouble. Besides, he said that he violated the dress code in high school and was called to the principal’s office. After that, he dropped out of that school.

Net worth of Oscar Bilzerian

Oscar Bilzerian held an impressive amount of health. Likewise, Oscar owned an approximated net worth of $200k. Moreover, his main way of earning his money was his profession. Likewise, Bilzerian earned an annual salary of $50k in his prime.

Dan Bilzerian the grandson of Oscar Bilzerian was posing in front of his private jet with his friends
Dan Bilzerian, the grandson of Oscar Bilzerian, was posing in front of his private jet with his friends. Source: Instagram

Oscar’s descendants later went on to earn millions. Moreover, his son Paul Bilzerian held an estimated net worth of $80 million during his prime. However, he later claimed bankruptcy.

Similarly, his grandson, Dan Bilzerian, holds millions under his name. Oscar’s grandson, Dan, currently owns a roughly calculated net worth of $200 million. Moreover, Dan made his name as a professional poker player.

Online Presence

Although Oscar Bilzerian and his son gained massive fame, both remain away from social media. However, Dan Bilzerian holds a massive online presence. Besides, Dan remains active on all of the major social media sites. Similarly, his IG holds the most followers, which is 32.9 million.

Dan loves to showcase his lavish lifestyle. Furthermore, the social media influencer posts pictures of his cars, jets, and models. Similarly, Dan travels worldwide and shares most of his travels on IG.

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