Mae Akins Roth came to fame through her parents’ career. Moreover, she gained the spotlight as the daughter of Laurie Metcalf. Likewise, her father is the award-winning actor Matt Roth.

Despite coming from a family of celebrities, Mae likes to lead a life away from the limelight. Besides, the celebrity’s child remains very elusive to the world. But, here’s what we could dig up on Laurie and Matt’s daughter.

How old is Mae Akins Roth? Mae’s Age and Birthday

As of 2022, Mae Akins Roth is 17 years old. Likewise, Mae was born in the United States on July 3rd, 2005. As such, the young celebrity child holds an American nationality. Furthermore, the young celebrity child recently celebrated her birthday!

Mae Akins Roth was with her mother Laurie Metcalf and half-sibling Zoe Perry at MCC Theater
Mae was with her mother, Laurie Metcalf and half-sibling Zoe Perry at MCC Theater. Source: justbiography

Mae was born to the legendary actress Laurie Metcalf and Laurie’s husband, Matt Roth. Moreover, the names of her grandparents are James Metcalf and Libby Metcalf. As such, Mae comes from white ancestry. Likewise, Akins became somewhat of a celebrity from her parents’ fame.

Roth grew up with a houseful of siblings. Besides, she has a half-sister and two brothers. The name of her half-sibling is Zoe Perry. Likewise, her brothers’ names are Donovan Roth and Will Theron Roth.

Mae’s parents keep their daughter away from the limelight. And so, not much is known about the celebrity child. Likewise, Roth’s educational backgrounds remain hidden for now. Moreover, the names of the schools Mae attended stay a complete mystery.

Is Mae Akins Roth in a Relationship?

Given her age, Mae Akins Roth could be dating in private. However, she remains single to the world. And so, the name of her boyfriend remains hidden.

Mae Akins Roth was with her mother Laurie Metcalf at MCC Theater
Mae Akins Roth was with her mother Laurie Metcalf at MCC Theater. Source: biographypedia

Likewise, the celebrity child keeps most of her affairs hidden from the world. What’s more, her past affairs also remain a mystery. No names of any of her ex-boyfriends have been made public.

Female Child Stars of the ’80s: Then And Now

Given her age, Akins would be in her high school. So, currently, the elusive celebrity child seems to be more focused on her education at the moment. Similarly, she doesn’t seem to be on any social media sites right now.

Laurie married Twice

Laurie Metcalf was married to Jeff Perry before. Moreover, she tied the knot with Jeff in 1983. However, the ex-couple later finalized their divorce in 1986.

Metcalf and her first husband welcomed a single child in their three years of wedlock. Moreover, they named their daughter Zoe Perry.

And later, in 1993, Laurie and Matt Roth tied the knot. Furthermore, the duo welcomed two children, as mentioned above. But, as all things in life end, Matt and Metcalf’s married life also ended. Furthermore, the former lovebirds, Laurie and Matt, finalized their divorce in 2014. Matt then married Stephanie Childers in 2015.

How rich is Mae Akins Roth? Learn about Roth’s Net Worth

Mae Akins Roth can be considered rich, but she has yet to earn money. Besides, Mae holds an approximated net worth of $2 million. Moreover, her parents both own multi-million in their bank accounts.

Mae Akins Roth was with her mother at a restaurant
Mae was with her mother at a restaurant. webofbio

Mae’s mother, Laurie Metcalf, earned herself quite the fortune. As of 2022, Laurie holds an estimated net worth of $14 million. Likewise, Metcalf made her fortune from her long acting career.

Akin’s father, Matt Roth, holds a roughly calculated net worth of $4 million. Likewise, the actor, Roth, managed to earn his money as an actor like his wife. However, the assets of Mae’s parents remain hidden from the world.

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