Only a few people in the world live to see an entire century. The elusive third digit is very very hard to reach. One of the longest-living personalities, Bob Hope said, “You never get tired unless you stop and take time for it.”

The vast majority of centenarians have agreed on the fact that the key to live longer is staying busy. Today, we have come up with the list of iconic celebrities, who are cherishing their triple digits.

#. Fay McKenzie (100)

Black and White image of Fay Mckenzie's black and white image with a horse

American Actress

Birth: Feb 19, 1918

#. Artur Brauner (100)

Artur Brauner showing a CDs of a movie

German Film Producer

Birth: Aug 1, 1918

#. Diana Serra Cary aka Baby Peggy (100)

Diana Serra Cary smiling. She is wearing a coat

American Actress

Birth: Oct 29, 1918

#. Suzy Delair (100)

Suzy Delair smiling for a picture

French Actress and Singer

Birth: Dec 31, 1917

#. Earl Cameron (101)

Earl Cameron wearing a graduation hat

Bermudian-British Actor

Birth: Aug 8, 1917

#. Harriet Frank Jr. (101)

Black and White Harriet Frank Jr.

American Film Writer and Producer

Birth: Mar 2, 1917

#. Marsha Hunt (101)

Marsha Hunt smiling at a conference

American Actress and Model

DOB: Oct 17, 1917

#. Anton Coppola (101)

Anton Coppola wearing a suit

American Opera Conductor and Composer

DOB: March 21, 1917

#. Francis Jackson (101)

 Jackson at his backyard

British Organist and Composer

DOB: Oct 2, 1917

#. Olivia de Havilland(102)

Olivia de Havilland

American Actress

DOB: July 1, 1916

#. Kirk Douglas (102)

Kirk Douglas attending an event. He is posing for the camera with a ease. He is the only people from the film industry's Golden age.

American Actor and Filmmaker

DOB: Dec 9, 1916

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#. Jean Erdman (102)

Jean Erdman

American Dancer

DOB: Feb 20, 1916

#. Mary Ward (103)

Mary Ward with her 101 year old birthday cake

Australian Actress

DOB: March 6, 1915

#. Norman Lloyd (104)

Norman Lloyd

American Actor

DOB: Nov 8, 1914

#. Eleanor Sokoloff (104)

Eleanor Sokoloff

American Pianist

DOB: June 16, 1914

#. Julie Gibson (105)

Julie Gibson

American Singer and Actress

DOB: Sep 6, 1913

#. Don Lusk (105)

Don Lusk

American Animator

DOB: Oct 28, 1913

#. Milton Quon (105)

Milton Quon

American Animator

DOB: Aug 22, 1913

#. Renée Simonot (107)

Renée Simonot

French Actress 

DOB: Sep 10, 1911

#. Ruthie Tompson (108)

Ruthie Tompson

American Animator

DOB: July 22, 1910

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