A naturalist  and conservationist, Terri Irwin is the widow of the late Steve Irwin, better known as “The Crocodile Hunter.”

Terri Irwin

Born on July 20, 1964, she spent most of her childhood bicycling around Alton Baker Park or hiking up Spencer Butte. Her family owned a long-haul trucking business and her father frequently brought home wounded animals, which inspired her to pledge her life to wildlife. In 1986, she established a rehabilitation facility called Cougar County to re-educate and release predatory mammals back into the wild.

The Irwins with Iguana at top of their head

In 1991, during a holiday to Australia, Terri was captivated by the enthusiastic nature of Steve Irwin, who talked passionately about crocodiles. Steve and Terri married just a year after the encounter on 4 June 1992, in Oregon.

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After the marriage, she moved to Australia and began filming wildlife documentaries and The Crocodile Hunter in 1997 with Steve. The Irwins filmed over 300 episodes of The Crocodile Hunter, Croc Diaries and many more shows.

In 2002, the couple also starred in a feature film, The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course. Steve and Terri welcomed two children: a daughter, Bindi Sue (born 1998) and a son, Robert Clarence (born 2003).

How Rich is Terri Irwin?

In 2006, when Terri was on a trek in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, with her children, Steve died of heart injuries after a short-tail stingray pierced his chest. Following Steve’s death just at the age of 44, Terri was made an Honorary Member of the Order of Australia for services to wildlife conservation in 2006. 

Terri Irwin smiling for a picture wearing a blue zip shirt and safari pants

Although it has been more than 12 years since the death of “The Crocodile Hunter,” her love for Steve hasn’t gone south. She said in an interview,

“To me, Steve was my Prince Charming, he was my happily ever after and we got that. We got 14 years of marriage; we had the best most fantastic adventurous wonderful life that you could imagine. And I was very happy with that.”

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On November 15, 2009, honoring Steve’s legacy, Terri was made a naturalized Australian citizen. The University of Queensland has also awarded Terri an honorary doctorate for her work in conservation and support of high-quality research. After dedicating most of her life to the field of wildlife conservation, Terri has accumulated a net of $5 million

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