She is woman who is beautiful as well as talent. She is a woman who has made herself recognizable through his efforts and hard work. She is really a qualitative man with great attitude and super fine character. She just has every fine qualities required to be an actress and this is evidenced by her phenomenal work. Her works has been appreciated by the people and critics all around the world. She is versatile lady.

Noor Neelofa binti Noor was born on 10 February 1989. She is better known as Neelofa. She is Malaysian actress, television host and a commercial model. She got perfect body and beautiful face. Her age is 26 and she was a winner in Miss Teen Malaysia 2010/2011.  She performed in Kau Yang Terindah as Alisya and is a host of the television programs Mele Top and Nona. She has done numerous commercials like contact lenses, shoes, the health drink product “bellaVita” and A Muslim women’s clothing line “naelofar”. She has done lot of TV series, telemovie drama, film and host. Neelofa Noor has won first debut awards in 2010, greatest new heroin Award in 2013 and most popular TV host female in 2014. The sensational celebrity award is still pending. She has done lot of TV series some are Kasih Najihah, Jiwa Dan Lara, Tahajjud Cinta, Amukan Pocong and many more. She has also done telemovie drama like Jemmah Kolesterol, Pusing Beraya, Korban Tak Jadi, Dibah Lori, and Janji jujur sepi, Cinta Insaniah, Bahayanya wanita and many more. She got nice face cut and she got black hair. She got sexy killing eye. She got good height 1.58 m. Actress and model Neelofa believes that if she is destined to marry a non- Muslim and he will embrace Islam to be a better Muslim than most. She has said that she want to achieve success while she is still young and she doesn’t want to be financially dependent on her future husband. She can follow in various social sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Instagram.