Nathalie Kelly’s current relationship status is unknown. The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift famed actress has been in the media with her affairs with some high profiles. Unmarried till date, she has a long list of past dating history.

Nathalie Kelly’s long list of past affair history

Undoubtedly one of the exceptional performers of the Hollywood industry, Nathalie has been in the media’s grip for her sensational affair with some famous personality.

The stunning diva once dated with Jonathan-Hartlen-Matthews in the year 2004. However, enjoying their romantic moment for a year, the couple separated from their way.

In 2005, Nathalie got caught sharing romantic flings with musician Dallas Austin. Nathalie kept her relationshipwith Nathalie a low profile, and did not share when the two broke up.

Nathalie Kelly is secretly in love with her mysterious boyfriend

Nathalie hasn’t officially revealed anything about her current relationship status but it looks like she has been dating someone since days.

A recent post from her Instagram account with an anonymous guy captioning the photo with the heart shape sign gave the hints of her secret affair. She hasn’t revealed her beau’s name and has not confirmed if he is actually her boyfriend or not.

It seems Kelly has been enjoying her romantic moment behind the scene. Perhaps she doesn’t want the media’s flashing cameras to capture her personal life.

Nathalie Kelly is a stunning actress who is attributed with both beauty and acting talent. Known for her phenomenal performances in the television series Body and Proof, she has appeared in most of the hit movies, TV series and music videos.

Nathalie Kelly on Style Like You

Initiating her acting career from the lead role in series WB Pilot Mermaid, she flaunted her skills in the music video of the great singer Bruno Mars song’s Just The Way You Are. She has also gained huge attention from the viewers acrossthe globe from the epic sequel Fast and Furious: Tokyo Draft.

Nathalie is counted among one of the competent actresses in the Hollywood arena. She is currently busy playing in the Vampire Dairies series.

The exact information about her current affair is not revealed yet. However, considering her Instagram post, Nathalie Kelly is probably not single these days.