Natalie Morales-Rhodes has established herself as a successful journalist from her career in NBC News. She has been working as a journalist since 1994 and has worked as an anchor in many shows till date. She is the Today Show’s West Coast anchor and appears in many other programs including NBC Nightly News and Dateline NBC.  Her recent Brentwood home is worth 6.8 million dollars which she owns with her husband and two children.

Natalie Morales Wiki: Short biography

Natalie Morales was born on June 6th 1972 in Taiwan. Her mother Penelope is Brazilian whereas her father Lieutenant Colonel Mario Morales is Puerto Rican.

She spent the first eighteen years of her life extensively travelling in Panama, Brazil and Spain. Natalie completed her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Latin American from Rutgers University. 

Natalie Morales smiling, she's wearing a V neck dress, her loose curls fall on her shouders

She is also said to have worked at Chase Bank before she finally became a journalist. Her journey has been an incredible trip so far in which she has managed to establish herself as one of the most admired American journalists of all times and collected many followers.

Apart from being a journalist and an anchor, she calls herself a dog lover, athlete and runner as mentioned in her Twitter handle.

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What is Natalie Morales’ Today Show salary?

Apart from being West Coast anchor of NBC News’s TODAY, she is also the host of Access Hollywood and is co-hosting Access Hollywood Live as well.

Natalie has also co-hosted Emmy nominated documentary called “Save Our Sound”. What most of us didn’t know earlier is that she topped the list of 50 most beautiful people in the year 2007. Surely a combo of beauty and brains! 

Natalie Morales smiling with a slight head tilt

Reportedly, Natalie’s net worth is 8.5 million dollars (in 2017) and earns 2 million dollars as annual salary. She says that her success is purely the result of her hard work and dedication towards what she does. As a result of which, she even won Groundbreaking Latina Award in 2007.

Not only this, she has also starred in 2015’s Sharknado 3. Not long ago, she bought a home with her husband and two sons which is worth 6.8 million dollars. 

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What is Natalie’s personal life like?

Natalie got married on August 22, 1998 to an investment banker, Joe Rhodes who was also a former partner at Stockton Road Capital LLC. She’s now a happy mother of two children, Joseph and Luke. Not that it has always been all smiles. Before the birth of her two sons, Morales had to deal with the loss of a child due to miscarriage. 

Natalie Morales holding her son while standing next to husband and another son

Natalie has also been a victim of a rumor back in 2006. She was rumored to having an affair with NBC Today show host, Matt Lauer. Due to which later in 2012, Matt’s wife Annette was reportedly on the brink of divorcing Matt, which didn’t really happen.

Natalie and Matt are still going strong with their respective partners. The rumors of Natalie and Joe’s divorce no longer is talked about as they both are living happily in Hoboken, New Jersey with two sons and a rescue dog.

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