Updated: 05/24/2017 04:24 PM | First Published: 02/19/2017 06:15 PM

Hoda Kotb & boyfriend busy raising Hayley Joy. She's a star on Today!

Hoda Kotb smiling

Today’s Hoda Kotb is in full force fulfilling her duties as a mother to her newborn daughter, Hayley Joy. As a matter of fact, they celebrated their first Mother's Day on May 12 this year!

She returned to her show after her maternity leave in April and is as present as ever on American television.

Hoda Kotb brought her daughter to work!

Hoda Kotb holding Hayley Joy, Today hosts Al Roker, Matt Lauer, Carson Daly, Dylan Dreyer surround her

Since adopting the baby girl early this year, Kotb has busied herself introducing Hayley to her co-hosts at Today. Recently, in May, the host took Haley to the set of her show. 

She shared a gallery of images on Instagram, which included a pic of her holding Hayley as her friends admired the baby. 

Hoda Kotb is raising Hayley Joy with boyfriend Joel Schiffman

Although Kotb left out her longtime boyfriend, Joel Schiffman, out of the paperwork, the couple is presently raising Hayley Joy together. Kotb and Schiffman have been dating for three years and moved in together in 2016.

Kotb has revealed that she was worried about what Joel might say after she voiced her decision to adopt a daughter, but Joel was on board with the idea immediately.

The pair looks so in love with each other, which has fans wondering if they are getting married soon.

Hoda Kotb announced the adoption on Today over a call

The anchor announced the arrival of her adopted daughter, Haley Joy, via a phone call to her NBC morning show on Tuesday, February 21. 

Kotb shared the heartwarming news to her co-anchors and the viewers with a picture of herself holding her newborn. “That little girl, Haley Joy -- I’m crying -- is my daughter,” said Kotb. 

Hoda Kotb holding Hayley Joy, Today hosts Al Roker, Matt Lauer, Carson Daly, Dylan Dreyer surround her

She continued,“I adopted her, and you can hear her, that’s her crying. She’s a Valentine’s baby. She’s a little nugget. She is the love of my life.”

Elated co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford, Matt Lauer, and Carson Daly took turns in congratulating the new mom.

During her second phone call on the fourth hour of Today, Kotb revealed that her daughter is named after Halley's comet. Hayley's middle name, Joy, refers to the emotion that Hoda and her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman, were experiencing.

Name Hoda Kotb
Boyfriend Joel Schiffman
Best Known For Today Show
Children Hayley Joy (Daughter)