Eminent American TV journalist, Nancy O’Dell is a praise-worthy figure who shelters hundreds of admirable characters. Nancy is best recognized as co-anchor of syndicated TV news show called Entertainment Tonight.

The proclaimed TV host, Nancy O’Dell was born on 25th February 1966, in Sumter, South Carolina, United States of America. 50 years aged journalist, Nancy was named Nancy Evelyn Humphries at her birth, but later became famous as Nancy O’Dell.

Regarding her education, the popular entertainment journalist Nancy O’Donnel held high school graduation degree from the Coastal Academy High School. Later, she joined Clemson University from where she completed her bachelor’s degree majoring in marketing.

Married twice, Nancy separated with 2nd husband Keith in Sep 2016

Discussing her personal life, Nancy is currently single. But it’s not that she was never married. She got hitched to hot looking man Dr. Richard O’Dell on 30th September1995. She dated him for a year until making thedecision of getting married.

Both were spending anecstatic life together until something went wrong between them which eventually resulted in divorce. They officially ended their relation with divorce on 4th November2004.

Following a year of separation with Richard, she fell in love with dashing actor Keith Zubulevich. A few sources revealed that she was dating Keith since she was living as awife of ex-hubby Richard. After being in 2 years of love relation, Nancy finally tied the knot with Keith on 29th June2005.

Nancy and Keith, both share a daughter named Ashby Grace who was born on June 11 of the year 2007. Her second spouse already has two sons Tyler and Carson from his previous marriage. She was 41 when she gave birth to daughter Ashby at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center located in Los Angeles, United States.

Nancy spent over a decade with Keith but she didn’t become successful to sustain the relation with him for a longer period. Nancy parted ways with her husband Keith in September2016.

50 years aged TV journalist Nancy O’Dell is currently holding asingle tag. She seems to be much focused on her work right now rather than searching for a new love. Nancy is as of now associated as a co-anchor of the popular syndicated news show Entertainment Tonight.

Nancy O’Dell ascended to fame as an anchor of Access Hollywood

Nancy O’Dell has been able to win the hearts of millions of people around the globe through her sensational journalism work. She is a woman who has made herself recognizable through her hard work of many years.

Carrying her work as a part of her life, Nancy has sketched herself with an unerasable ink in the pages of history. She is really a qualitative woman with great attitude and super fine personality. She simply has every quality required to be a journalist of world class and this is evident from her phenomenal work.

Nancy started her broadcasting career working as anchor and reporter at South Carolina-based TV station, WPDE-TV. In 1996, she turned into a prominent journalism figure when she started anchoring the news show Access Hollywood. She served as an anchor of the show for 13 years until ending journey as an anchor of the show in 2009. She is currently gaining wide fame as co-anchor of the entertainment news show Entertainment Tonight.

She is currently gaining wide fame as co-anchor of the entertainment news show Entertainment Tonight.

Her incredible work has been appreciated by the people and critics all around the world. Even at the age of 50, she looks so beautiful. She is still dedicating full commitment in her work like she used to be in her early 20s.

For more information on Nancy O’Dell, people can visit various internet sites including Wikipedia. She can likewise be followed on twitter @nancyodell for her latest news updates.