Molly Eskam, the hot Instagram star, has been the talk of the town lately. Her s**y bikini pictures where she flaunts her curvaceous figure has captured the hearts of many.  Is her beautiful face and slender body a result of plastic surgery? We shall find out!

What’s the secret to Molly Eskam’s perfect body measurements?

Molly Eskam posing next to her car, a Mercedes Benz

Molly Eskam, the hot-bikini clad model, has been showing off her slender figure which has been complimenting her Instagram posts. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall. The bikini model’s perfect body measurements are accentuated by her slender legs, which she often shows off in swimwear, driving people crazy. 

Eskam’s near perfect frame has led several people to assume that she must have gone under the knife. 

6 Interesting Facts about super hot Instagram model Molly Eskam!

Molly Eskam’s beauty – by grace of plastic surgery?

Eskam is often complemented for her big busts and pretty face. But along with that, she’s often asked the question whether she opted for plastic surgery to achieve her present physique.

Seriously, this is the most frequently asked question to the 18-year-old internet sensation. She has time and again denied the allegations.

For that particular thing, she receives a number of mean comments, which she handles with laughter. She mentioned in one of her videos that normally she has a “huge sense of humor and [she] just laugh at most things.” 

Molly Eskam taking a mirror selfie at the gym

Molly Eskam Snapchat n*des leaked by GucciGang

However, in her Q&A Plastic Surgery? YouTube video she clarified her fans’ curiosity about her beauty.

In response to fans’ question whether she has done plastic surgery, she responded, “I have never got boobs jobs and never got cosmetic surgeries or fillers or anything like that. I am not totally against it, if it make you feel good that’s awesome and I think it’s so awesome now that people have that power and control.”