Michael ‘Mikey’ Joseph
Teutul is an American television personality, famous for the Discovery Channel
show American Chopper-OCC and American
Chopper Sr vs Jr
. His character in the custom motorcycle TV show was somehow of the
, doing much of the talking and little of the bike building. Nevertheless, he was a fan

Mike Teutul’s Early Life Details

Born on November 26th, 1978, Mikey is the youngest son of Orange County Choppers’ founder, Paul Teutul Sr. and his first wife, Paula Teutul. He has three siblings, two brothers Daniel Teutul, Paul Jr. Designs founder, Paul Teutul Jr, and a sister of Cristin Teutul.

Mikey Teutul is riding on a red motor scooter, hand on his chin and the other on the handle bar. He is wearing a blue tshirt and has a contemplative look on his face.

At the age of 14, he began working at Orange County Iron Works. Later, he moved to Arizona when he was 20 and had 6 different jobs in 5 months. During that period, he worked as a bouncer, busboy, telemarketer, valet-parking attendant and movie theater guy.

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What is the Net Worth of Mikey Teutul?

Mikey’s life took a significant turn after American Chopper happened. The show which documented the family business of Teutuls at Orange Country Chopper featured Mikey as an assistant general manager.

Mikey Teutul is joining in a photo with Paul Sr, Shaquille Oneal and another member of OCC. The OCC members stand side by side with Shaq behind Paul Sr with his hands on Sr's shoulders.

Even though Mikey wasn’t a bike builder, his
character was simply phenomenal, and that has provided him with a huge fan base. However, he did build one of his bikes. Furthermore, he was loved by viewers for creating a lively environment and even mediating the ongoing dispute of his father and brother, Paul Jr. Later, it was revealed that he was forced out of business. With his career as a reality star, he has amassed the net worth of $2 million.

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Where is Mikey Teutul Now?

Mikey has had ups and downs throughout his life. He believes in living his life to the fullest. In 2009, unfortunately, he had to check himself into rehab, for alcohol addiction.

Outside of his TV personality, Mikey has been seen painting abstract art and showcasing it at his art gallery in Montgomery, New York. He had also briefly run an art gallery. Further, he enjoys skeet shooting and in 2011 also started a line of gourmet pasta sauces called FarQueue Products, LLC.  

Mikey Teutul is seen with girlfriend/wife Karen Baker at the airport. Karen has wrapped both her arms around Mikey in a loving hug. They are both facing the camera wearing casual tshirt and jeans.

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A reboot of American Chopper is set to air on Discovery channel, on March 1, 2018. The official Facebook page for the show has confirmed that all the Teutuls, Sr, Jr, and Mikey will be on the show. So we can be sure to see Mikey and his antics on TV again soon.

What happened to Orange County Choppers’ Paul Teutul Jr.?

No matter how much Mikey chatter around making people laugh, he has been all zipped when it comes to his personal life. Though few pictures were shared on Facebook back in 2014, as of now, he has not updated much on his private life. Many are wondering about his dating life and is even speculated to have a wife. So far, the fact is safe with Mikey himself.


Mikey Teutul is recognized as the star of Discovery Channel’s reality series, American Chopper.

Mikey was born on November 26, 1978, as the youngest son of Paul Teutul Sr. and his first wife, Paula Teutul.

He has two older brothers, Paul Teutul Jr. and Daniel Teutul.

Mikey started working at his family’s company; Orange County Iron Works at the age of 14.

After Paul Teutul Sr. and Jr. founded Orange County Choppers in 1999, Mikey joined them as an assistant general manager.

At OCC, his duties involved answering phones and taking out the trash, and he would help build choppers on rare occasions.

The family business later became the basis for American Chopper, the famous reality series which began airing in 2003.

He frequently appeared at promotional events for the company and became the force that helped keep the peace between his father and brother.

He quit the show in May 2012 to seek some peace of mind and to work on his relationship with his dad.

It’s been over five years since the final episode of American Chopper aired. But where are the cast of the show now?

Mikey’s dad is still running Orange County Choppers, and Paul Jr. is focusing on his own company Paul Jr. Designs.

Mikey, the comic relief of American Chopper is still comical. His social media accounts are filled with funny videos and puns.

Now, he is occasionally seen working on OCC and most of the times seem busy with various projects of his own.

He started painting to get rid of boredom after leaving OCC and opened an art gallery, Wolfgang Gallery for his own paintings in Montgomery.

Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. are appearing in the new season of American Chopper which is set to be released in May 2018.