Mike Bettes and his wife Allison Chinchar, married in a lavish ceremony, headed towards their fifth wedding anniversary. The couple remained married since October 2012. And Bettes and his wife became parents to an adorable baby boy named Landen Benjamin Bettes.

Mike Bettes announced their pregnancy in the cutest way

An active user of social media sites, Bettes took the help of Instagram to announce that he and his wife were expecting. On July 24, 2014, he shared a picture of a sonogram and wrote a short message, “And there it is! The Bettes Family grows by one this January.”

Mike Bettes' new born baby Landen Benjamin Bettes is sleeping.

As expected, the junior Bettes arrived on the last day of January in 2015, which Mike once again announced via Instagram. He shared the newborn’s picture and the child’s weight detail. The baby weighed 8lbs 3oz.

Mike is very close with his wife and child, which is evident on his Instagram profile. And thus far, the married duo, Mike and his wife, remain committed in a strong marriage.

Mike Bettes is sitting next to his wife Allison Chinchar and son Landen Benjamin.

Reportedly, Bettes married Stephanie Abrams in the past. He had teamed up with Abrams in the mid-2000s to co-host their show Abrams & Bettes: Beyond the Forecast. Moreover, the show ended in 2009.

Stephanie Abrams went official about her engagement via Instagram!

Similarly, the two ended their marriage in a divorce, possibly in the 2000s. What’s more, Stephanie had shared the picture of his newborn on her Instagram account to congratulate him.

Is Mike Bettes Gay?

It was one of the most frequently asked questions among Mike Bettes fans in the past, even after he had a baby with his wife. The answer is pretty clear. He is NOT GAY.

The rumors of Bettes being gay started after some of his non-admirers insinuated on Twitter that he was gay.

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