American sports reporter and ESPN host, Michelle Beadle, who best known for co-hosting ESPN2’s SportsNation, has been playing hide and seek with her fans when it comes to her relationship. We are confirmed that she has a boyfriend. Now, let’s find who the lucky guy is.

Michelle Beadle has been dating Steve Kazee for several years

The ESPN host hasn’t revealed much about her love life but isn’t confidential too. She has admitted that she has a boyfriend and he is an American actor and singer, Steve Kazee.

Well, both of them share their pictures on Instagram quite often but doesn’t tag each other. Perhaps, the duo doesn’t want to make their relationship public.

Michelle Beadle shares an image of herself with boyfriend Steve Kazee on Instagram

It’s not known exactly when the couple started seeing each other, but we can fairly assume that it’s already years. Steve and Michelle joined ESPN2’s SportsNation back in 2015 and when the hosts asked them about what it’s like living together, they replied in one voice, “It’s easy and wonderful.”

The lovely duo also shares numbers of dogs together, i.e. 4 or 5. They have so many things in common. Both are fans of WWE and have often been spotted together while watching it.

Now, fans question to Michelle has been like, when will you make him your husband? Seemingly, marriage is on the card for the duo.

Michelle’s secret relationship brought up rumors of being pregnant

We are known to the fact that celebrities live in the bowl of glass, and they are always under the scrutiny of their fans. So, it’s quite a challenging task for the celebs to keep their relationship details safe inside the closed doors.

When Michelle Beadle tweeted about her boyfriend and dogs, fans replies were completely negative

And when popular sports journalists like Michelle attempt to stay lip-sealed amid the high curiosity of fans, they might have very less people respecting their privacy. In Michelle’s case, she has also got many negative reviews from her followers. Being famous not only sums up fans but also adds critics.

Once her fan tweeted saying that her photo confused him if she was pregnant. And chains of comments followed afterward, where fans were asking Michelle if she was really expecting. Eventually, she denied the rumors.