In the fall of 2014, the greatest athlete in Olympic history, Michael Phelps, was arrested for DUI. Following the arrest, he received a six month suspension during which he spent time in an inpatient alcohol treatment facility. 

He said of his rehabilitation, “I wound up uncovering a lot of things about myself that I probably knew, but I didn’t want to approach. One of them was that for a long time, I saw myself as the athlete that I was, but not as a human being.” 

After his stay in rehab, Phelps approached the pool with a newfound vigor and achieved the fastest 200m butterfly as well as the fasted 200m individual medley in the world. “I’m back to being the little kid who once said anything is possible,” Phelps told Sports Illustrated.

Michael Phelps’s son Boomer Phelps is a born celebrity!