Valerie Loo is an American actress. She is mostly trying her luck at a modeling career. The actress has appeared in a few television series and films in the Hollywood industry. One of her most popular appearances in the entertainment industry is American Horror Stories, which was released in 2021.

Please read the entire article for further information about the Men of Mercury actress, Valerie Loo. The article below contains Loo’s early life, career, relationship, networth and some of her social media presence. Stay tuned with ecelebrityFacts for further entertaining information.

Earlier Life and Family Life of Valerie Loo

Pink Sweats: At My Worst star, Valerie was born on 12 November. However, the year of her birth has not been made public. The lucky and hardworking princess was born into the Loo family in a joint family. In addition, she was the only daughter in her father’s family. She was the pampered child in her family.

Valerie Loo shares her beautiful memory from the past with her father, Mr. Loo.
Valerie Loo shares her beautiful memory from the past with her father, Mr. Loo. Source: Instagram

Regarding her father, Mr. Loo, by profession, is a doctor and has a passion for singing. Whereas her mother, Mrs. Loo, is a graphic designer and businesswoman who took care of and led the Loo family business. According to the date month of Valerie lies under the Scorpio horoscope, where the people of this zodiac sign are more passionate and assertive people in its nature.

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We must say that the actress of American Horror stories is quite educated as she has completed her graduates. During graduation, the actress got the offer of a modeling agent and began her career in the entertainment industry. Later the actress got the role in the local acting, and after a few struggles, she got the film Men of Mercury.

Singing Passion

Valerie, the actress, has spread her area as she is interested in singing. She has recorded herself in the various clips where Valerie plays the instruments. In addition, the video was viral, and then the actress got an invitation for a performance in Singapore. The audience was surprised by her hidden talent for singing.

Later, Valerie appeared in the audition for the Campus Super Star. She shared her presence and gave the contestants tips and techniques to sing better in front of the crowd. In one of the contests during her school time at the competition, the actress won for her school. In addition, the actress gained confidence in singing.

Is Valerie Loo in a relationship?

Men of Mercury star Valerie is single. She believes that the current period in Hollywood is struggling as she is a newcomer. The actress has clearly stated in one of the interviews that Valerie is more focused on developing and making her career. She could make a career and later be in a relationship.

American Horror Stories star Valerie posing for her modeling shot.
American Horror Stories star Valerie posing for her modeling shot. Source: Instagram

Regarding her upcoming projects, the star has signed various music contracts, videos, and television series after her apperance in American Horror Stories. The actress can grab the attention of a huge mass of people. As the year passes, the actress is learning new tricks and requirements that could help the newcomers in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

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Valerie has various types of friends. However, all her friends are supportive and helpful to the actress. They have a large backbone, and she depends on her parents and family in terms of strength and growth in the entertainment industry.

About Pink Sweat$: At My Worst

According to IMDB, the music video rates 7.6 out of 10. Courtney Loo directs the music video. Justin Moore did the Cinematography. The actress was the cast of the music video. In addition, her appearance in the music video and the music video launch was only produced and designed by Parrot Petterson.

The music video was released on 24 September 2020 in the United States of America. The production used the English language as it can target a large mass of people, which means every youngster can understand and listen to the music. However, after the music video’s release, Deo, the production company “Thrice Cooked Medias, got popular and released hit music videos for the industry.

Physical Apperance

American Horror Stories star Valerie estimated her age as 16- 30 years. She has a mixed ethnicity, a mix of Asian, South Asian and American. Valerie represents herself presentable in all the events and programs. In addition, the actress has a wide variety of clothes as she uses them at concerts and in music videos.

Valerie believes in staying fit and shares her workout routine with all the fans. Her weight sits about 50 kilograms. And similarly, Loo stands at an estimated height of 165 cm which is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. In her profile, many that can the actress has not repeated the dress she wore once. Valerie has brown eyes and brown colored hair.

What is the Net worth of Valerie Loo? and her social media presence

The talented actress has spread her interest and area. However, Valerie Loo came to fame as an actress in the Hollywood entertainment industry. The estimated net worth of Valerie is $50k. The actress owns a luxurious lifestyle. But other personal details about Loo remain unknown to the public.

Valerie Loo and her parents and dog travel on vacation for refreshments.
Valerie Loo and her parents and dog travel on vacation for refreshments. Source: Instagram

According to IMBD, Valerie has appeared in three credits: Men of Mercy, a movie whose shooting is complete. However, the release date of the production has not been public yet. American Horror Stories is a television series that releases on Netflix Series. In addition, the said series was released in 2021. Similarly, a year back in 2020, the actress appeared in the music video Pink Sweat$: At My Worst.

The multi-talented actress Valerie is the account holder of various social media sites. Some of the most frequent social media sites are Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter and sometimes other sites. Valerie has 40.7k followers and 3288 posts on her Instagram account. Whereas the actress mostly shares solo pictures where most of her images are related to her modeling career.

Interesting facts about the actress Valerie

Pink Sweats: At My Worst star completed her studies in Biochemistry. In addition, the actress is a pre-medicine student who has complete knowledge of th medicine and some knowledge regarding treatment and background,

Valerie became a part of the Youtube family when she got the invitation to the Concert in Singapore. The actress shares her music video through this social media platform. After the concert, she enhances her knowledge and understanding of the field of singing.