Mel Gibson is a well-known legendary American actor whose best performances has been on the film Braveheart. This film is recognized one of the greatest movies of all time.

Besides, he is also a competent filmmaker who has invested in a lot of films, especially since his retirement. Gibson is rich and famous, so he doesn’t hesitate to be engaged in any charity works. Most importantly, he is an Oscar winning actor and director.

Mel Gibson Mini Bio

Gibson was born and raised in New York where he went on to do his high school in St Leo’s Catholic College. The members of the Congregation of Christian Brothers used to teach some kids at those times in the college.

Mel Gibson is the legendary figure in Hollywood. He started off into the industry by starring in the 1984 film The River which was directed by Mark Rydell. The 80s proved quite productive for him as he became able to establish himself as a competent actor in the Hollywood industry.

In the 1990s, legendary Mel was able to give some blockbuster hits to audiences such as Forever Young, Lethal Weapon 3, Maverick, and Braveheart. All of those movies were highly successful in the box office as well as among the critics.

The 2000s are probably the most successful years for Mel. In 2000, Gibson appeared in three movies named The Patriot, Chicken Run, and What Women Want. Each of those movies grossed more than a hundred million.
Likewise, the 2002 film We Were Soldiers which pictures the struggle of soldiers in the Vietnam War became the most commercially successful film of his career. Perhaps, it is one of the highest grossing films ever made.

Besides, Mel Gibson is well known for the fabulous films Apocalypto and Mad Max series. He has made more than $450 million in his career.

Family and Personal Life

Mel Gibson was born to father Hutton Gibson and mother Anne Reilly on January 3, 1956. He is the second child of the family.

He is currently in a relationship with Rosalind Ross since 2014. Prior to this, Gibson was in a long marital relationship with Robyn Moore from 1980 to 2011. Robyn divorced Mel in 2011 after finding out his affair with Oksana Grigorieva.

Gibson has a total of 8 children.

Associated With

Mel Gibson is currently associated with producing films for the budding actors in the film industry. Mel has received a large number of prominent accolades over the period of his life. In 1995, he received two Oscars for the film Brave Heart – one for best actor and the other for best director. I

n 2008, Mel Gibson won the Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema Award, presented by the Irish Film & Television Academy. Mel Gibson has indeed lived a life of a legend.