Maury Povich is a recognised personality for his exclusive talk show 'Maury'. His jaw-dropping salary and net worth never fail to mark his successful achievements. Connie Chung, Maury's present wife is happy on being the millionaire's partner.

Maury Povich’s successful career is evident in his jaw-dropping amount of salary

An undergraduate from the University of Pennsylvania, Maury commenced his career as a television news anchor in a radio station in Washington D.C. Later, he recruited into the television to start off as a host of A Current Affair.

In 1991, having gathered enough experience and recognition, Maury started his own tabloid show The Maury Povich Show which is in its 19th season this year. In 1998, he also signed into hosting Maury, Twenty-One, and Weekends with Maury and Connie. This continuous career development undoubtedly proves him as one of the most competent television presenters.

Besides, his whopping net worth of $45 million keeps him safe as one of the wealthiest TV personalities as well. In 2007, his annual salary was $7 million. In 2016, his salary has rocketed to $14 million – double of what he was being paid in 2007. This level of salary can only be seen among the European football players and Hollywood actors.

The fascinating thing is his ability to raise himself to this level so that TV channels are obliged to pay millions just to hire him for a show. Anyway, his past records in different programs show that he is worth the salary. We can clearly see how his whopping salary determines his life’s achievements in various television shows.

Besides talk shows, Maury has been requested to do some roles in a few movies and series like How I Met Your Mother, The Jack and Triumph Show and Madea’s Big Happy Family. All of these shows have an added aroma just because of the appearance of the television legend Provich.

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Maury Povich married two women – Connie Chung is his second wife

Maury Povich has been a romantic man since his early adulthood. He arranged his marriage with Phyllis Minkoff in 1962, however, the marriage lasted until 1979 i.e. 17 years. He remained single for a few years and then he met Connie Chung, also a journalist, in early 80s. The couple married in 1984 and have been an exemplary husband-wife since then.

Very charming and adept in dealing with women, Maury Provich has gained wide success in his career which is all evident in his fame, demand, salary and net worth.