Matt Lauer needs to try harder to make his family feel valued. His wife and children are apparently complaining about him valuing work more. In fact, Matt’s married life with beautiful wife Annette Roque was about to end in 2006 with divorce, which was later withdrawn.

The rumors are still surfacing in the media about the couple getting separated. Are Matt Lauer’s busy work schedules creating aserious problem in his conjugal life or there is something else that is leading their relation to divorce? However, the story of the couple getting separated has got lessen a little bit now.

Matt Lauer considers Today Show co-hosts as his family which might be reason behind his dwindling relation with wife Annette Roque

Matt got wed with his lovely wife Annette Roque in 1998. From spending time together as a married couple, they have been blessed with 3 children, Jack Matthew Lauer of age 15, Thijs Lauer of age 12 and the youngest Romy Lauer of age 9.

Matt Lauer shares a special bond with his Today Show co-hosts and staff members. In fact, he refers them as his family. Matt is still dedicating his time and working with Today Show. He may be too wrapped up with his work that he is closer to them than his actual family.

Matt Lauer with second wife Annette at Time 100 event

In fact, he keeps on posting the picture of his female co-host through twitter. Let’s check out the picture which he shared on 28 April 2014 when one of his favorite co-hosts came back.

Matt was about to get separated with wife Annette in 2006. During the 2006 divorce papers, Roque claimed that one of the problems that was leading them to end their relation with divorce was Lauer’s busy work schedule. She revealed that Matt gives much priority to his work than his family.

Annette likewise claimed that their kids barely get time to see him. Lauer reportedly works and stays in Manhattan and he only visits his children on the weekends at the Hamptons where they live with their mother.

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Matt Lauer paying huge price for putting work over his family

During a Q&A segment on Today’s Facebook, Matt decided to dismiss such rumors that he doesn’t give time to his family. He told audiences of the show that he lets his children visit his studio to see him work and have breakfast with him.

He admitted that his work schedules are very tight but in spite of that he loves spending time with his family. The best part of the segment was that his favorite part of being a dad is the hugs at bedtime.

Being a successful NBC journalist, he definitely has to pay a price to achieve such a huge recognition and popularity. For Matt Lauer, it seems he is paying for it by sacrificing time with his family. Despite the fact that Matt Lauer’s wife and children may gripe that he values work over family, they ought to express gratitude toward him for the luxurious life they get to enjoy!