Updated: 05/14/2018 04:56 PM | First Published: 02/24/2018 02:42 PM

Deadliest Catch Matt Bradley from F/V Northwestern leaving in 2018?

Matt Bradley is showing his vape


Matt Bradley is a professional fisherman known for appearing in Discovery’s reality show, Deadliest Catch.

He has been a part of F/V Northwestern’s crabbing voyage for more than a decade now.

He was introduced to crab fishing by his high-school friend, Edgar Hansen and now, he considers himself a part of the Hansen family.

Matt, who previously worked as a restaurant manager and cook, excels the culinary skills that are highly regarded on any crabbing boat.

Despite being an integral crew member of Northwestern, Matt has been thinking about leaving the show.

Captain Sig also seems okay with Matt’s decision as he feels Matt’s personal life issues has started affecting his work on the boat.

Matt is quite possessive about his family, especially his three daughters. 

He does not prefer bringing them on the boat as he believes women shouldn’t be on a crab boat.

Additionally, he has other businesses that need to be looked after. His wife has been handling that in his absence.

He runs an e-cig vapor store in his hometown. 

Matt, who successfully recovered the substance addiction, is devoting his time to community service at present.

He runs into a local Seattle church once a week in a washer truck that holds washer/dryer & trailer set up.

The truck provides homeless people with an environment where they can wash their clothes, shower, change, and get themselves cleaned up while they’re doing the laundry.

Wherever he plans to set his trails, we wish him luck in his future endeavors.