Michaela Conlin, a Pennsylvania-born American actress widely recognized for her role in the Fox series Bones, has had several chances to present herself as a pregnant woman on the screen. With this, the husband-less actress Conlin is suspected to be pregnant in her real life too. Let’s discover the truth, along with her net worth.

Michaela Conlin has children in her Fox series Bones

The 38-year-old New York University graduate has been in the comedy series Bones since 2005 and has also done various other movies such as The Lincoln Lawyer, Enchanted, and Love the Hard Way. In her career so far, she has been depicted as a mother or a pregnant woman many times. In contrast, the actress has never carried a baby in her belly in her real life.

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In 2013, the series Bones had just transitioned into its 9thseason. And, Angela, the role Conlin is playing in the series, is married with two children. In the series, she had such a real looking baby bump that the viewers started to speculate if she was expecting a real baby.

In the aftermath of the pregnancy speculation, there came another rumor about her yet unknown boyfriend. The news stated that Conlin and her secret boyfriend is soon to become parents. However, the news was never confirmed and eventually, it proved to be wrong.

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While she doesn’t have a baby of her own, Michaela seem to be fond of children. Upon being asked how she feels having children around on the set, she replied enthusiastically, “I actually enjoy it, because it makes you be present. I’m holding someone else’s child, so I want to make sure that I’m obviously careful and aware. As an actor, I’ve been enjoying it. The babies playing Michael Vincent have] gotten older, so we have a different set of twins now, but they’re wonderful.”

On the same questionnaire session with Michaela, she has requested fans to keep on watching the upcoming episodes of the series as the suspense is yet to be unveiled.

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Michaela Conlin’s net worth

A successful television actress, Michaela has been getting regular income since the signing for the show Bones. She has also been engaged in various Hollywood movies, which collectively shoot up her net worth to slightly more than $4 million.

Want to know more about Michaela?

While the rumor of her pregnancy might not be true, Michaela Conlin continued attachment to the kids in the shooting sets might make the husband-less woman to dreaming for a baby of her own.