Republican U.S Sen. Mark Kirk during the first head to head meeting of his campaign gave an unorthodox performance on Monday, against Democratic challenger U.S Rep. Tammy Duckworth.

The experienced statewide politician, Mark Kirk, known for his ruthless nature, concluded his debate on Monday delivered short answers. Besides that, he also did not answer the questions he was asked.

Not only the statewide politician failed to answer the questions directed towards him, he also failed to highlight his sharp differences with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

For Tammy Duckworth, who has eyed Kirk’s senate spot since after he won the elections for Congress in 2012, it was a perfect opportunity to lay down his marker in the hour-long endorsement session before the Tribune Editorial Board in Chicago.

Stakes cannot be higher, as both Kirk and Duckworth are eyeing and fighting for the spot once held by President Barack Obama, in the closely watched campaign. The result in the contest is likely to declare either Kirk or Duckworth as the powerhouse in the Senate.

Kirk’s decision to do with short answers and not go after Duckworth comes after a campaign in which Kirk neither had a public event nor a held events which were organized in front of reputed journalists or journalists of any kind.

Kirk, although, may have suffered a major hurdle post his Senate term declares that he suffers no mental impairment, which is his only statement in regards to his health. While on the other hand, Duckworth has provided detailed information about her recent health history.

Duckworth previously slammed series of controversial statements made by Kirk as “Unhinged”, but in front of the editorial panel Duckworth said that it has nothing to do with the Republican’s recovery.

Speaking about Kirk’s treatment, Duckworth went on to say, “I think the note that he put out recently from his Physician has made it clear that he is responsible for everything that he says”. “I think that it’s irresponsible and not befitting a United States senator”, Duckworth further went on to claim.

In defense of his quotes and his reputation Kirk went on to say, “We’re both adults and we understand that and if I do have too quick a turn of phrase, my bad”.

Seeing the vulnerability in Kirk, Duckworth took the opportunity in making an approach to press Kirk to commit to televised debates, including one in the high – visibility Chicago market.

In response, Kirk said, “It would be fine for to do that”. Well the next debate, if it takes place, then it will be one epic.