Maria Sansone and husband Joshua Adam Guthartz have been married since 2008. Has she ever thought about getting pregnant again? Follow us to the end to know the full story on this case and also details about her salary.

Maria Sansone has a daughter but isn’t pregnant at the moment

Maria Sansone and husband Joshua married each other after being in a loving relationship for some time in the prior to 2008. The couple had always been very much admired by the people in the United States. The news of proposal came as a sweet thing to Maria’s fans.

As they got engaged, the couple decided to marry soon. Hence, Maria and Joshua got married in 2008. The marriage wasn’t particularly high profile but we could spot some office colleagues and friends.

After almost five years of marriage, Maria conceived their first child. Yes! She was pregnant in 2013. Maria was even seen taking dancing lessons for her television show during the pregnancy period.

The couple brought their first child into the world on December 31. The name of their daughter is Grace Louise. That’s such a beautiful name, isn’t it? On top of that, the birth of Grace Louise added extra happiness into the couple’s world.

They became more attached to each other. Perhaps, it’s one of the reason for the couple to have stayed together for so long.

#TBT This was Mother’s Day. I can’t believe how much this lil one has grown this summer!! #ItsAllAboutThatGrace

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Recently, Maria has once again been in the rumours of being pregnant. Are the rumours right? Perhaps not. If she was pregnant, we would definitely see a bulge on her abdomen. However, no such signs can be seen.

In contrast, the couple hasn’t yet said anything concerning the pregnancy rumours. So, we still can’t be hundred percent sure that the rumours are false. Simply because they could be true!

Maria Sansone must be worth a couple of millions

Maria Sansone is a television personality who is widely recognized as the host of the show Good Day L.A. and she has also appeared in the blockbuster breathtakingly hit movie Gladiators 2000.

Maria has a very huge and established in the television industry. While her net worth and salary haven’t yet been revealed, she is assumed to be worth a couple of millions. Moreover, Maria Sansone is obviously paid in some hundred thousand figure.