Darren Aronofsky, who’s an American film director, producer and screenwriter by profession, has bagged a whopping net worth of $22 million. Currently, the twice engaged handsome hunk seems to be dating actress Jennifer Lawrence. People are curious to know if he will make her wife or not.

Within his career span of nearly two decades, he has bagged numerous accolades and critical acclaims from the fans. Known for his often surreal and disturbing movies, he has been successful in stealing the attention of the world.

Rapid growth in film directing the world with his feature movies that haven’t still exceeded over ten

Brooklyn, New York-born Aronofsky was a son of public school teachers and raised in the cultural Jewish background. Despite lacking entertainment roots by birth, often visiting Broadway theaters with his parents developed a keen interest in the showbiz world.

Harvard University Alumna, Darren majored in film & social anthropology there and later studied directing from American Film Institute. After befriending an aspiring animator while attending Harvard, his interest in film grew furthermore, which aspired him to work on his feature debut “Pi” and officially release in 1997. The psychological thriller helped him take home a Directing Award at Sundance Film Festival.

Known for his frequent collaborations with film editor Andrew Weisblum, cinematographer Matthew Libatique & composer Clint Mansell, he has directed eight feature films. Two movies are set to release, one at the end of this year and one in 2017.

His second release was a psychological drama, “Requiem for a Dream” that followed his entry in Batman film series and 3rd movie, a romantic fantasy sci-fi drama entitled “The Fountain”.

All of his later releases including “The Wrestler”, “The Fighter”, “Black Swan” and “Noah” received critical acclaim and wide applause from viewers worldwide.

Doesn’t seem to be shattered despite having failed romantic journey: Has welcomed a new woman in life

Darren has never given up in his life, neither in his personal nor his professional. A man who believes in struggles has overcome several ups and downs in his personal life. So, even after two unsuccessful marriages, he has always moved on believing that he will find his Miss. Perfect one day.

He has been dating an actress Jennifer Lawrence since past few months. The two spotted kissing each other made headlines in several media.

He first shared his engagement ring with Rachel Weisz, after several years of dating in 2005 and welcomed a son Henry Chance Aronofsky in 2006. They called off their relationship in 2010 but have reportedly remained as close friends since then.

Began dating a Canadian film producer Brandi-Ann Milbradt in 2012, they were engaged after some time. However, the duo separated officially in 2015.

Darren Aronofsky kissing Jennifer Lawrence at a romantic dinner date made headlines

Darren and Jennifer, revealed their secret romance after they were spotted holding hands while walking along the New York streets. They were snapped enjoying a smooch after they enjoyed a romantic dinner date.

The actress, who is 21 years junior to her new beau, director Darren met him firstly in the summer on the set of their new film, a name of which is yet to be determined.

According to their close rep, they have tried keeping the things under wraps, but are really into each other.