Maria Timmer is an American television personality who is famed as a meteorologist for the Fox News. In her 6 years, a long stint with the television the beautiful Maria Timmer has accumulated a satisfying net worth. Her salary seems to have the helping hand in building up her net worth.

Maria Timmer stepped inside the Fox News Channel for the first time in October 2010. Since then she has been an ever-present face in the Fox News Channels. Timmer was could speak both English and Spanish fluently and she was one of the most sought after meteorologist.

Maria Timmers salary has helped her built a satisfying net worth

Since after she began her association with Fox News channels she has delivered success. One of the famous and respected personalities in the television industry, Maria Timmers receives a handsome salary of around thousand dollars. She is currently living her dream as she seems to be thriving in her career.

Timmer’s 6 years old career has landed her with fame and with admirations. In this time she has been dedicated and loyal towards her work. In return, her career as a meteorologist has provided her with a net worth of around 4 million dollars, a sum which is likely to increase in the near future.

Aside her talents her physical appearance is also admirable

Maria Timmer, now 29, still has a lot to offer as a meteorologist. The talented and enthusiastic television personality is currently one of the beautiful personnel in her field. Her charming face combined with her beautiful body shape makes her an irresistible TV personality.

The gorgeous looking Timmer stands tall with a height of around 5ft and weights around 48 kg. Her height and weight perfectly comply with her body which measures 34-24-33. Maria Timmer is a combination of sexy legs and a hot physique, her appearances make combined with her talent has helped her establish herself as one of the very best.

Her newly married life is likely to deliver happiness in the future

Maria Timmer’s perfect life welcomed a new chapter in it as the American hottie is now married women. She tied the knot with her long time boyfriend Reed Timmer on 26th December 2015. Her husband Reed Timmer is a storm chaser who is currently associated with TVN Weather.

The couples are enjoying a fairytale love life and there have been no rumors of conflicts in their relations. The couples wed in an unorthodox fashion near a volcano in the western hemisphere.

Maria Timmer, one of the most desirable women in the Fox News Channel has successfully established herself as one of the best in her field. In doing so she has accumulated a huge fan base and an estimated net worth of around 4 million dollars, which has been supported by the handsome salary she receives.