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5 Surprisingly Funny Facts about Margot Robbie you never knew

One of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood today, Margot Robbie has stolen our hearts time and again with her astoundingly amazing performances. From her perfect portrayal of crazy Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad to noir esque character as Naomi Lapaglia in the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, she has nailed her every performance. In 2017, she was listed in 100 most influential people in Time magazine. Today, we bring you five interesting facts that you might have missed about the Aussie actress. 

Pro sandwich maker

Margot Robbie sitting in the balcony

During the struggling phase, almost every actor did something to pay bills, and Margot is no exception. She worked at a Subway and just like her phenomenal acting, she was pretty good at it too. So much so, she even considers herself a “pro” sandwich maker. That might be the reason that she now finds it hard to eat at Subway and also she is super judgmental of the employees. She quit the job in 2007 and went onto give her acting career a try.

Margot Robbie and her Suicide Squad's stunt double

Not a healthy eater 

Her physics might be flawless, and it’s quite surprising to know that it has got nothing to do with her eating behavior. The 28-year-old blond beauty mostly enjoys fries and beers. Margot once confessed that she sucks at eating at moderation and gets miserable when she is hungry. 

Margot Robbie raising a drink

For your knowledge, she even won a spaghetti eating competition with one of the crew of her movie, Neighbours, when she ate 4lbs of spaghetti bolognese in one sitting. Of course, she had to throw that up later, but that’s an insane thing to do. Also, it would be a dream for many people to eat like Margot and still maintain a perfect body. 

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Mistook Prince Harry for Ed Sheeran

Prince Harry (left), Margot Robbie (middle) and Ed Sheeran (Right)

While attending a housewarming party at Suki Waterhouse’s home in Wales, Margot thought Ed Sheeran was also at the party. Later when she found out that her fake Ed was Prince Harry, she was surprised to know that she was so close to royalty. She also shared a photo booth with his highness.

Married her fellow housemate 

We don’t know much about Margot’s dating life, but people sure know that she is married to British assistant director, Tom Ackerley. The pair first met on the set of the World War 2 drama, Suite Française

Margot Robbie and her husband Tom Ackerley sharing a smile

The two lived in the same house, and after a year into her house share, she struck up a romance with her housemate in 2014. However, they kept their relationship low-key for quite some time from their other crew members. After a couple of year of dating, they got married in 2016.

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Slapped Leo right in the face  

Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio looks total clad in their attire

Everyone wants to create a good impression on people they meet for the first time, especially when the person is the Hollywood megastar, Leonardo DiCaprio. But, while auditioning for the role in The Wolf of Wall Street, Margot, who was supposed to kiss DiCaprio, instead slapped him. As it was not something anyone in the room saw coming, the room fell into pin drop silence until Leo and Martin Scorsese burst into laughter and Leo repeated, "hit me again." She's got guts, doesn't she?

Which of the facts did you find the most surprising? Let us know in the comments.


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