Maddie Harriott is a child of a celebrity. Her father is a singer and chef. Furthermore, her mother, Claire Fellows, is a costume designer.

Ainsley Harriott is an English chef and television presenter. Furthermore, he formed the Calypso Twins with school friend Paul Boross. Claire Fellow is the younger sister of British comedian Grahams Fellow.

How old is Maddie Harriott?

Maddie Harriott was born Madelaine Harriott and is 27 years old. She was born in 1995. However, the exact date of Harriott’s birth remains unknown.

Maddie posing for a picture with her father
Maddie posing for a picture with her father
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Maddie also has a step-brother named Jimmy Harriott. Jimmy was born in 1992 and is 30 years old. It is unclear if Maddie and Jimmy were close while growing up.

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The older Harriott sibling prefers to live a low-key life. However, his younger set-sister has made public appearances with their father. But, she does not share any personal details.

Maddie Harriott’s parent’s relationship

Maddie Harriott’s parents met at a clothing store when her father fell in love with her mother at first sight. The pair started dating shortly after their meeting. In addition, the couple dated for a year before deciding to marry.

Ainsley and Claire posing for a picture
Ainsley and Claire posing for a picture
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Ainsley and Claire exchanged vows in 1989. It is unclear where the couple got married. However, they were together for 23 years until divorcing in 2012.

The reason for the couple’s split became a private matter. However, some believe it was due to Ainsley’s affair while he was still married to Claire. Furthermore, some believe that Ainsley cheated on his wife because he was a homosexual.

Maddie Harriott’s parent’s net worth

Claire Fellow’s net worth is unknown. However, Maddie’s father, Ainsley Harriott’s net worth is $4 million. He earns his income by hosting cooking shows.

Ainsley as the yeah boy meme
Ainsley as the yeah boy meme
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Ainsley is famous for starring in the BBC television cooking show Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook. In addition, he was the Resident chef on the television series Good Morning from 1992 to 1996. The star also presented on the TV series Ready… Set… Cook!

Ainsley’s and Claire’s divorce was private. The couple requested the public and media to respect their privacy. Hence, it is unclear if Ainsley paid Claire a divorce settlement.

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