Eleanor Boorman is a British sculptor. Moreover, Moorman came to fame from her marriage to an actor. Besides, her ex-husband is a famous actor.

Charles Dance is an English actor. He is best known for playing Tywin Lannister in the HBO series Game Of Thrones. Charles and Eleanor have a daughter together.

How old is Eleanor Boorman?

Eleanor Boorman is a 50 years old British sculptor. She was born in 1972. However, her exact date of birth is unknown.

Eleanor Boorman working on a painting
Eleanor Boorman working on a painting
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Eleanor probably inherited her love for art from her grandfather, a wildlife artist Harry Pettit. She earned a scholarship from the Prince of Wales Drawing School. However, it is unclear when Boorman graduated.

Eleanor’s style is traditional Italian-based portraiture. However, she is also learning about the first fully-painted 3D holographic portrait. In 2000, Eleanor expressed her discovery of a three-stage Western Society’s development pattern.

Is Eleanor Boorman in a relationship?

Eleanor Boorman is currently single. However, she was famous for dating actor Charles Dance. It is not clear how the couple met or when they started dating.

Eleanor Boorman with her ex fiance
Eleanor Boorman with her ex-fiance.
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Eleanor and Charles were together for four years. The couple were engaged and lived together in a North London townhouse. However, the couple broke up before they tied the knot.

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It is unclear why the couple split. However, they broke up shortly after the birth of their daughter Rose Boorman. Furthermore, Chance missed the birth of his daughter as he was filming.

Eleanor Boorman’s ex-fiance’s net worth

Eleanor Boorman’s net worth was not traceable. However, her ex-fiance, Charles Dance’s net worth is $10 million. Furthermore, he made his fortune as an actor.

Charles Dance in Game of Thrones
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Charles has more than 150 acting credits to his name. He has appeared in many films, such as Gosford Park (2001) and The Imitation Game (2014). However, his most known role is Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones.

Charles and Eleanor were never married. Hence, he did not pay his ex-fiance a divorce settlement. However, the actor pays child support to Eleanor to raise their daughter.

Social Presence

Eleanor Boorman is not active on social media. In addition, her ex-fiance, Charles Dance, is also unavailable on any social platforms. However, fans of Eleanor hope to see her join social media.

Charles and Eleanor at a party
Charles and Eleanor at a party
Source: Flickr

Many fan pages are dedicated to the artist’s ex-fiance, Charles Dance. Some fan accounts on Instagram have over a thousand followers. Fans usually admire the characters he played and talk about the actor.

While fans are hopeful Eleanor will join social media, she has not shown any interest. She remains busy working as an artist and raising her daughter. However, she appeases in the news now and again.

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