Luke Russert, the renowned former news correspondent at NBC News, has collected a huge net worth amount of $9 million dollars. He is just 31 years of age and his net worth is huge by all accounts in comparison to his real age. By his short career working period, Luke is able to amass a huge net worth due to his high annual salary amount of $500 thousand.

NBC News hired Luke Russert after his father’s demise

He started working since his study days at Boston College. Around then, he used to work for ESPN’s sports TV show called Pardon the Interruption. In his underlying vacation time, he has served as co-host of the sports talk show 60/20 Sports which aired on XM Satellite Radio.

Russert joined NBC News in August 2008 after the death of his father. He had no working experience at the time when he got appointed to work for the NBC News channel. Luke was employed on the news channel because his father used to serve for NBC.

Having being born into a wealthy family is one reason Russert had a good start in life. He is even accused of being able to get jobs and get high pay in major news network due to family ties.

Let’s check out this video where he shares memories of his father, Tim Russert.

He was at first delegated as a reporter for NBC. During his time at NBC, he covered the news story of 2008 presidential election and both Democratic and Republic Conventions. Russert has also served for MSNBC’s show The Daily Rundown which ended in November 2014.

Honor to host last DailyRundown to originate from #DC good show.

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As he started working for the news channel, he began to learn more work experience. In May 2009 he was appointed as a Congressional correspondent for the NBC News on Capitol Hill. During the time he was functioning as a Congressional reporter, he received a public apology from the Rep. Charlie Rangel which made his name popular in all over the media place.

Luke Russert resign from NBC News and massive net worth collection

After serving NBC News for eight long years, he took a decision to resign in July 2016. After resigning, he stated that he need some time to make a proper evaluation of his career opportunities which would help him to take the right direction.

Luke further said, “It’s fair to say my broadcast career began in an unusual way after college graduation and the death of my father. As a result, I threw myself into the work and never took the time to reflect, to travel and to experience many things that would have given me a clearer sense of what my future should be. Now at 30, I look forward to taking some time away from political reporting and focusing my efforts on other endeavors that I’ve long wanted to pursue.”

After 2 months of resignation time, he was seen hosting the greatest show in all of the podcast radio called The Tony Kornheiser Show.

At a young age of 31, he has earned massive net worth amount of $9 million dollars. Before the time of resignation, it is revealed that he was earning an annual salary amount of $500000 while serving at NBC News.

Russert is for the most part known for his work involvement with NBC News. His most of the earning come from serving the same news channel. However, Russert has asserted in many interviews that his earnings are also a result of his hard work and dedication.

Si se puede! Lucas 2016. #Colombia

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Both his parents were journalists. His mother was a correspondent for Vanity Fair. Likewise, Russert’s father was also a well-famed journalist who served as the longest-serving moderator of Meet the Press.

If there is one way Russert’s father has influenced him in using his salary, it is to do charity. Russert is involved with many charity causes which his father was part of.

Whether Russert’s huge earning and wealth has anything to do with his father or not is debatable, but he surely has learned to be a good manager of it. Russert proudly claims that despite having a high network, he is a simple man and does not wear expensive branded clothes.

Russert’s true age is 30 and by that age, he has already collected a big net worth of $9 million dollars. This is helped by his salary of $500000. However, Luke Russert is not associated with any television network at the present moment.