Lori Stokes’s happy marriage life fell apart after divorce with her husband Brian Thompson. The couple enjoyed a fairytale marital life, which seemed to hit the long run. The reason that caused their separation is still unknown. Currently, single Lori Stokes has an estimated net worth of around 6 million dollars, which is supported by her salary.

Lori Stokes’s happy married life with husband Brian Thompson turned into disaster after a fairy tale start

Lori Stokes and her husband Brian Thompson enjoyed a very healthy and a cordial relation at the beginning. The couple met each other during a job interview for WBTV. The duo was attracted towards each other and started dating each other soon after.

Stokes and Thompson dated each other for about two years before tying the knot. They are now parents of two adorable daughters, Nicolette and Alexandra Thompson. The arrival of their daughters completed their family.

Having the best time in Miami with my girls!

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Lori and Brian didn’t encounter any issues of extra-marital affairs in their marriage. The relation was cordial and until they left separated for an undisclosed reason.

Their decision about their divorce came as shocking news to their well-wishers. Contrasting to her personal life, Lori’s professional life has been a success. The African-American beauty started her career when she was 24.

Lori Stokes has left ABC Eyewitness News!

Lori joined ABC for the first time in 2000. Since joining the channel, she has made invaluable contributions, one of which is making Eyewitness News one of nation’s no. 1 news show.

In her long-standing career, she has accumulated huge fame and success through her work. Besides, the popular news host of Eyewitness News has amassed an estimated net worth of around 6 million dollars.

However, after seventeen long years, on 16 August 2017, Lori has finally said goodbye to the show and to the channel.

Lori Stokes is leaving ABC Eyewitness News!

Lori Stokes is walking in the footsteps of her father and keeping the legacy of the Stokes family going

Lori Stokes was born to parents Jay and Louis Stokes. Her father Louis, like Lori, is a famous personality. He was the first African-American congressman.

During his time as a congressman, Louis helped in directing the federal attention towards the nation’s poor. Besides, he also led the special investigation into the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy.

Sadly, Louis demised at the age of 90 on August 18th, 2015. Lungs cancer and Brian cancer were identified as the cause of his death.

Lori Stokes had a blissful life with husband Brian and their two daughters. Unfortunately, their marriage fell apart for some unknown reasons and the duo parted ways. Currently, Lori Stokes is enjoying life with her two daughters along with the net worth she has accumulated from her career journey.

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