Liz Cavalier is best recognized as the “Gator Queen” in the History’s reality series, Swamp People. At the age of 49, she is actively involved in alligator hunting in South Louisiana.

Early life

Liz Cavalier was born as Elizabeth Dupre on January 21, 1970, in Pierre Part, Louisiana to CJ Dupre and Ella Dupre. She was raised in the northern part of Morgan City. She started hunting for the alligators from an early age as she used to travel to Marsh South of Houma with her parents. However, her father did not permit her to get near the alligators until she was 12.

Swamp People's star Liz Cavalier on her Wellington boots.

She learned the traits of hunting the Gators, watching her father on their boat in the backwaters of South Louisiana. The hunting trips soon became a complete lifestyle for Liz. She also had a 7-foot long alligator pet named “Charlie Pie” when she was a little girl.

Career and Net worth

Liz started her television career as the cast member of the reality series, Swamp People from its second season in 2011. She joined Troy Landry’s team as a replacement of the sharpshooter, Clint Landry.

Liz was quick to prove her credentials as her partnership with Troy seemed like a well-choreographed combination. Troy’s ability to spot the alligator and Liz’s skills to take them down made them one of the most successful teams in the show. The success in the business quickly earned her the nickname, “Lucky Liz.”

Liz Cavalier poses on a boat on the shore of a river.

Although the success, her incredible run in the series came to an end after the sixth season in 2015. The History Channel overhauled Liz along with some other casts of the series and told not to return for season 7. The production company, ‘Original Media,’ did not disclose any reason for the abrupt decision.

The Swamp People’s leading lady took on Facebook to express her frustration regarding the production company’s sudden decision. She wrote, “Due to unknown reasons by the production company ‘Original Media’ my family and myself, along with other original cast members, besides Jeromy and David, will no longer be participating in the Swamp People series, starting with season 7.”

Liz Cavalier and his daughter, Jessica holding a massive alligator.

Currently, Liz owns an alligator hunting business stationed at Pecan Island, Louisiana. She also owns a website where she sells her merchandise. She also made a guest appearance in The Queen Latifah Show in 2014. Her brother Don Rich composed and produced the music known as “Gator Queen,” in her support.

As the former cast member of well-acclaimed reality series, the Gator Queen has accumulated most of her money from the show. As of 2019, she has garnered a massive net worth of $300,000.

Personal life

Liz is currently married to Justin Choate and has adapted her husband’s last name. Together, the couple shares two sons, Destin and Daimon. Liz also has a daughter named Jessica from her previous marriage. Her daughter and her husband were also part of the Swamp People from season 4 until season 6. In 2015, Liz became a proud grandmother.

Liz Cavalier and his husband,  Justin Choate.

Her daughter, Jessica has been battling with the substance abuse, and Liz has been vocal about the matter. In a recent conversation, she told that everyone with the acute substance and drug abuse deserves utmost care and concern.

Liz and her family have been involved in the gator hunting business. Currently, the family of four is residing together at Freshwater City Road, Pecan Island, Louisiana.