Liz Bonnin is a science and wildlife presenter, who is of Indian, French, Welsh, Chinese and South American ancestry.

She was born on September 16, 1976, in Paris, France, to a French father and Trinidadian mother of Indian and Portuguese descent.

She moved to Ireland with her parents when she was nine years old and completed her high school education in Dublin.

Liz completed her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Trinity College, Dublin and later took a year off to travel.

During her time off, she started singing in an Irish band and was later offered a job to host the IRMA Awards.

In 2002, she moved to London to present Channel 4 morning show, RI:SE and became a regular presenter on ‘Top of the Pops’ the same year.

She later decided to return to her scientific roots and completed her masters’ degree in Wild Animal Biology.

After her final exam, she was hired by BBC to present ‘Bang Goes the Theory,’ a science magazine show.

Her other TV ventures include Museum of Life, Horizon, The Transit of Venus, Tomorrow’s World, Super Smart Animals, and Animals in Love.

As of 2018, the wildlife presenter has earned a net worth of approximately $3 million.

Liz was recently awarded the LATA Media Awards and took to Twitter to show her gratefulness for the award.