Liu Shishi's scene from her TV show, Scarlet Heart

Liu Shishi captured between her scene in Scarlet Heart. She is raising her foot to kick a man. She is looking beautiful in the pink traditional outfit.
Liu Shishi portrayed the role of Martai Ruo Xi in the TV show Scarlet Heart. She got widespread recognition from her role as Ruoxi. Nicky Wu played the 4th prince Yin Zhen opposite Liu. Their chemistry was appraised by many.

Liu Shishi is pointing an arrow holding a bow. She is wearing black leather outfit which makes her look hot and sexy. 1 of 8 Swipe To View More 8
Liu Shishi in Badges of FuryScarlet Heart star Liu ShishiChinese actress Liu ShishiLiu Shishi with her husband Nicky WuLiu ShishiLiu ShishiLiu ShishiLiu Shishi and her husband Nicky Wu

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