Many people know Lis Wiehl is a divorcee, but very few know she has married twice. Yes, attorney Mickey Sherman is not Lis’ first husband.

Lis Wiehl has two children from her first husband.

Prior to getting married to Sherman, Lis was married for an unknown period to an anonymous man. Nothing about her previous marriage is known, excluding the fact that she has two children from that relationship. 

Lis Wiehl smiling

Lis has a son named Jacob London and a daughter named Danielle London. Many sources have claimed that Jacob and Danielle are Lis and Mickey’s children, but it is not true.

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Mickey also has two children but from another marriage. Before marrying Lis in 2006, Mickey married Judy Jacobson, the mother of his two children, Mark Sherman and Jamie.

Lis Wiehl divorced her second husband after his release from prison

In 2012, during a morning talk show, Lis confirmed that she had separated from Sherman, and they divorced the same year.

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They separated soon after Sherman was released from a minimum-security prison camp after he pleaded guilty to not paying taxes for two years. He had not paid more than $1.1 million in federal taxes. NY Times best-selling author and a legal analyst for Fox News, Lis Wiehl, is living a single life.