Former ESPN host Lindsay Czarniak is married to Craig Melvin. Lindsay’s husband, Craig Melvin is a sportscaster at NBC4 and MSNBC. They have two children from their marriage. More on ‘Where is Lindsay Czarniak?’   

Lindsay Czarniak is married to husband Craig Melvin

Lindsay Czarniak and her husband Craig Melvin were colleagues at NBC4. Even though they shared the same workplace they never had a chance to have a conversation.

After getting to know Craig from their collaborated on-air show, Lindsay invited him along with some other colleagues to a charity event that she was hosting.

 Craig Melvin's day out  with his family. They hold two pumpkins and a gourd. They are having fun in a pumpkin field.

Lindsay ended up kissing Craig in her kitchen impressed by his gentleman nature. The two started dating around late 2008.

The relation was going smoothly until in 2009 when Craig put forward his wish to take their relationship to the next level. Lindsay showed reluctance to his proposal reason being their common workplace.

The two tried to move on but as fate would have it, their meeting at the Bar Pilar helped them realize the importance of each other in their life. So they patched up. In 2011, when Craig proposed Lindsay for the second time, she could not deny him.

They got married on 15 October 2011 in Washington. Lindsay gave birth to her first child, Delano, in 2014 and she gave birth to a daughter in 2016 and named her Sybil.

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Where is Lindsay Czarniak? Her plans for 2017

In 2016, Lindsay was replaced by sports anchors Michale Smith and Jemele Hill while she was on maternity leave during her second pregnancy.

But as her fans were expecting Lindsay’s return to the channel, they are left disappointed because the channel has no plans to get her on board. Lindsay Czarniak’s contract with ESPN channel was terminated this past August.

Lindsay Czarniak looking at her son Delano with love while he is drinking water. She holds her daughter Sibby by her arms. They are having the perfect mother children time.

Lindsay is spending her leisure time being a mother, a wife and a viewer for a change. She is experiencing all of her child’s growth and is nurturing them. As of now, Lindsay’s life surrounds her husband and children.

But she is not planning to completely hibernate from work. Will she be returning to ESPN or is she up with something new?