A loathsome-mouthed nine-year-old, Lil Tay is an Asian rapper who dropped her debut single, Money Way in March 2018. The song is a trap-influenced song which features explicit lyrics. 

Early life

A self-proclaimed “the youngest flexer of the century,” Lil Tay is a nine-year-old rapper originally from Atlanta, Georgia. A popular internet personality of now, has not revealed about who are her parents. But rumor has it that, she is the daughter of former Vancouver area realtor, Angela Tian, who got fired when she was seen taking videos of her daughter shouting expletive and throwing cash on luxury cars. The director, Jim Lew said, “ When we found out about this activity last week we had to dismiss her.”

Lil Tay has a grey hair

Further, he also added, “There is no place for this sort of activity in our industry. Angela has only been a realtor with our brokerage firm for only six months.” Though the name of her sibling has not been revealed yet, according to Tay’s friend and fellow YouTuber, Woah Vicky, “ “It’s her brother who runs her account. He’s like 16, and he be wilding, like telling her what to say and what to do,” She further added,  “She doesn’t know what half the stuff means. It’s messed up.” 

To support the claim, Snoopdog also took to Instagram to share the real Lil Tay. He shared a video on which, Lil Tay is being coached by her brother. The caption reads,”I found this tape of liltay being coached by her brother on how to be more ignorant she need to be in school learning how to be a little girl not a dumb Ass grown person Facts. Clout chasers R. I. P.”

According to Tay, she is a “Harverd” school dropout, who proclaims, she does not need education as she is rich. She was into rap since the age of seven. About her voice, she says, “Steady flow into the outro.” In an interview she also said, she is a independent girl who does things on her own.

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Scandalizing fame!

Wondering if she is in the headlines due to her songs? But this 9-year-old child who brags about her money all the time has been in the limelight due to the abusive words she spills whenever she opens her mouth.

Lil Tay is wearing a jeans jacket and has her hair all messed up

Despite that, her videos have millions of view, among which Lil Tray Responds to Rice Gum (Sister Bully) has alone garnered almost 3 million views. Rice Gum is a well-known online celebrity with more than 9 million followers. 

More recently, she was seen with Woah Vicky at Coachella, since then she has been getting tremendous attention on social media. With her scandalizing fame, she has released her first solo song, Money Way in March. Her song has been played over 35,000 times on YouTube since it’s release. What else can we expect her song to be like? Full of decent words? Naah, just gruesome as she talks. 

Lil Tay is lying on a tub with money all over her

She recently shared on Instagram that she’s working with Chief Keef for her new song and video. But the release date has not been announced yet. Can we hope this song to have some good content to listen to?

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Is Lil Tay rich?

Lil Tay is holding a bunch of money and is keeping it near her hair

As of her Instagram picture location, she currently resides in Beverly Hills, California. Looking at her videos and pictures, with luxurious cars, gold, expensive watches, and designer clothes we can pretty much assume about her fortune. But it’s hard to believe that a child is immensely rich. Isn’t it?

With her shocking negative fame, she has been able to bag some serious cash at the age of 9. As of 2018, she has an approximate net worth of $1.5 million

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Social sites

She is relatively active on social sites, where she is seen posting pictures with swanking captions. She has been shaking the internet recently posting offensive videos. As of May 2018, she has 2m followers on her Instagram and 186,810 subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

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