Leslie Hamilton Gearren was an American former actress, Nurse, and celebrity personality. She is popular as the identical twin of the famous actress Linda Hamilton. They are known as the Hamilton twins.

Despite gaining fame through her sister, Leslie prefers to lead a life away from the spotlight. As such, not must is truly known about the celebrity’s sibling. But here’s what we could dig up on the lesser famed of the Hamilton twins.

Who is Leslie Hamilton Gearren? Learn about Age, Family and More

Leslie Hamilton Gearren was born on 26 September 1956. Furthermore, Hamilton was born in Salisbury, Maryland, the U.S., to her parents. As such, Leslie, the sister of Linda Hamilton, holds an American nationality. Similarly, Hamilton comes from a white heritage.

Leslie Hamilton Gearren
Leslie Hamilton Gearren
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She started her education at Wicomico Junior School and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. Moreover, she is the daughter of Father Carroll Stanford Hamilton and mother Barbara K. Holt.

Her father was a physician who died in a car crash when Leslie was just 5 years old. Later, her mother was a homemaker married to the chief police. Furthermore, the former actress has a younger brother named Ford Hamilton, a sister named Laura Hamilton, and her twin sister, Linda.

Career overview

Leslie Hamilton Freas, twin sister of Terminator star Linda Hamilton, passed away at 63. She is an American actress known for her portrayal of Sarah Connor in the movie The Terminator. Therefore, Linda gained fame as an American Actress. Later on, she appeared in Terminator 2(The Judgement Day) in 1991.

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Leslie Hamilton Gearren on terminator 2
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On the other hand, the 63 years old actress received fame with her role of Catherine Chandler in the TV series Beauty and the Best during 1987-1990. Further, she also acts as a character T-1000 in the film, imitating Sarah Connor in the factory.

Moreover, An American former actress Leslie Hamilton is also a nurse by profession. So, she works at a hospital in Mount Holly, New Jersey as a nurse. On the other hand, she is an American nurse who works as an emergency room nurse and hospice nurse during her life. Leslie was remembered as a consummate caretaker and devoted her life to helping her children and the lives of others.

Was Former Actress Leslie Hamilton Gearren Married?

Leslie Hamilton Gearren was a married woman. What’s more, Leslie and her elusive spouse held a ceremony away from the peering eyes. Besides, she lived a prosperous and healthy marital relationship with her mysterious husband.

Leslie Hamilton Gearren
Leslie Hamilton
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Because of their low-key life, their marriage information is yet to be revealed to the media. In conclusion, they had three children, a son Adam and two daughters, Ashley and Kendal.

However, her social media and other personal account handles or media outlets show no information about her husband. She seems to be quite secretive about her personal life. So, she didn’t share with anyone. We will update you soon as we get any information regarding Leland’s personal life. 

How much is the Net Worth of Leslie Hamilton Gearren?

The former actress earned a good salary from her nursing job, around $60,000. Similarly, she also made money from her acting career. Therefore, Leslie’s net worth was around $3 million.

Leslie Hamilton Gearren
Twinny girl Leslie and Linda Hamilton
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Moreover, her sister Linda Hamilton holds an estimated net worth of $70 Million. Behind such a staggering source of income is credited to his super hit movie career and business ventures.

Given how much wealth Leslie and her husband held, they led a life in luxury. However, after the death of the celebrity sibling, the details of her assets remain buried. And so, the houses and cars Leslie owned remain hidden from the world.

Is Leslie still alive?

Leslie Hamilton Passed on August 22, 2020, at the age of 63. She died during the pandemic of COVID-19. Her death wasn’t expected as it happened without a sign that left everyone shooking including her twin Linda.

Quick Facts about Leslie Hamilton

  • Real Full Name: Leslie Hamilton Gearren
  • Profession: Actress & Nurse
  • Born: September 26, 1956
  • Birth Place: Salisbury, Maryland, U.S.
  • Gender: Female
  • Material Status: Divorced
  • Height: 5Ft. 6 inch
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eye: Blue
  • Debut movie: Terminator 2
  • Body Size: 35-24-35

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