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Lesley Visser

Lesley Visser leaning on to a table in a workplace filled with numerous frames on the wall

A Quincy, Massachusetts native, Lesley Visser is a television and radio personality, widely recognized for working as an analyst for NFL. A pioneering sports journalist, Visser is the first female to become an NFL analyst.

Lesley’s love for sports was immense since she was a kid. She had the aspiration to become a sportswriter from a mere age of 10. During that time, a job like that didn’t exist for women but she was never discouraged by her parents. 

Breaking the stereotypes, Lesley began her career as a sportswriter in 1974 from The Boston Globe, a daily newspaper, and worked it for 14 years. She has worked for various television channels like ABC, CBS, and ESPN and has set several records.

Visser became the first ever woman to work as a beat writer for NFL in 1976. She became the first woman to cover the World Series in 1990 and the first woman to present the Super Bowl Trophy in 1992. She is the first ever female reporter to report from the sidelines of Super Bowl and the first woman to attribute on weekly NFL broadcast, Monday Night Football. In 2004, she also became the first ever female sportscaster to carry the Olympic Torch.

The veteran sportscaster is the only person in the history to have worked on the network broadcasts of the World Series, Final Four, Super Bowl, U.S. Open, Triple Crown, NBA Finals, Olympics, and World Figure Skating Championship. 

Visser’s praiseworthy career achievements have been honored with many accolades. The first female recipient of the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award, Visser was inducted into the NSSA Hall of Fame on 8 June 2015.

Visser has made an invaluable contribution in the field of sports journalism, which in return, must have certainly helped her in racking up a huge fortune. However, neither her salary nor her net worth has been disclosed to the public.

Lesley was married to sportscaster Dick Stockton from 1983 to 2010. Following the divorce, she became romantically linked with former basketball player Bob Kanuth and got married to him in July 2011. She does not have any children from both marriages.

Name Lesley Visser
Profession Sportscaster
Gender Female
Birthday September 11, 1953
Age 65 Years Old