Lauren Sivan was engaged to Rick Leventhal, her former longtime boyfriend, in September 2005. Rick is also a television personality who works at Fox News as a Senior Correspondent. They were about to get married in February 2006 but the wedding was postponed due to unknown reasons. 

Why did Lauren Sivan break up with Rick Leventhal?

There were a lot of theories regarding the postponed wedding with increased speculation that the couple may split.

The cable-news blog FTV Live theorized, “Apparently, Rick and the boys went to Las Vegas … for his bachelor party and it’s possible that what happens in Vegas did not necessarily stay there this time around.”

Lauren Sivan reporting for Fox 11

In response to the speculation, Rick confirmed that the delay was nothing to do with the bachelor party.

The couple had simply decided to wait. Despite the defense, Lauren and Rick called it quits soon after with no disclosure regarding the cause.

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Is Lauren Sivan dating anyone?

Lauren’s a mystery as far as her current personal life is concerned. No boyfriend names have been revealed after Rick…well at least not by Sivan herself. Looks like she’s keeping her dating life on the down low.

However, her love life has been exposed by her mom, Jackie Sivan. Jackie has shared a few photos of Lauren and her boyfriend Todd Oren on her Instagram. On July 11, 2016, she shared this sweet photo of “the happy couple.”

Lauren Sivan standing next to her boyfriend Todd Oren who has his hand around her waist

Lauren and Todd seem pretty serious as Todd is close to her family. 

But she’s generous when it comes to humor. In 2015, she tweeted, “How long till I can marry my dog?”

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