Rising with the Hill’s co-host Krystal Ball is also a former political candidate. Apart from that Ball has also made several guest appearances in programs including CNN and Real Time with Bill Maher.

The celebrity gained a lot of attention after her photo scandal became the most searched topic on the internet. After the scandal, Ball’s journey started from the Scandal Star to the Political Pundit.

Personal life

The political pundit Ball was born on November 24, 1981, in Virginia, United States. Her mother Rose Marie Ball is a teacher and her father Edward Ball is a physicist. She is the youngest among the three sisters. The name “Krystal” came after her father wrote his dissertation on crystals.

Krystal Ball with her two daughters.
Source: Instagram @krystalmball

Krystal attended her high school in King George High School, Virginia, and then went to Clemson University for one year. Later she transferred to the University of Virginia to receive a bachelor’s degree in economics.

After her first marriage ended in a divorce, Ball married Jonathan Dariyanani who is an attorney. The couple made their marriage official in 2008 and have 3 children.


The famous co-host at MSNBC started as a certified public accountant. She worked for the federal contractor CGI group. Ball has shown herself as one of the finest political commentators by working with huge news channels such as Fox News, CNN, and CNBC.

Krystal Ball showcasing her book Populist’s Guide To 2020
Source: Instagram @krystalmball

Krystal Ball’s career took a rise after she started hosting a webcast called Rising on the Hill. Apart from that Krystal is an author as well. One of her famous writings is “The Populist’s Guide to 2020: A New Right and New Left are Rising”.

From Scandal Star to Political Pundit

The internet blew up Krystal Ball’s scandalous photos with her ex-husband. These photos were taken when Ball was at a party.  The pictures show Ball and her ex-husband holding a penis-looking toy.

Krystal Ball on her new podcast
Source: Instagram @krystalmball

The photo scandal boosted up her political campaign. Her candidacy, which had drawn no attention, moved into the spotlight. Suddenly the name “Krystal Ball” became one of the most-Googled terms in the world.

According to Krystal, she doesn’t regret the incident and has stated that her scandal allowed her to address a really important topic. Moreover, the political pundit is proud of the way she handled her scandal.

Net Worth of Krystal Ball

The famous political commentator has a total net worth of $45 million which includes her monthly salary that is $3.5 million. Ball has a huge house in Louisville, Kentucky that is worth more than $3 million. Apart from that, Krystal Ball also has some luxurious cars in her collection, including Alfa Romeo, Mini Cooper, and Ford.

Krystal Ball with Jane Goodal
Source: Instagram @krystalmball

Her book, “The Populist’s Guide to 2020” is sold for $20 a copy on Amazon. According to Amazon, the book is also ranked at #78 in the elections category.

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