American Ninja Warrior‘s Kristine Leahy and her boyfriend Aaron Hines have been dating for a year now. And fans are curious to know if she is looking to settle down with Hines.

Kristine Leahy’s boyfriend is a professional trainer

Recently, Kristine Leahy was seen enjoying a vacation with Aaron Hines, a professional trainer from Los Angeles. You might know him from the famous Hollywood documentary Hollywood Cycle.

Aaron Hines is leaning on to mesh wire fence. He is wearing a tank top with the logo of 'Cycle House' and is looking sideways. Aaron Hines is boyfriend of sports reporter Kristine Leahy.

Aaron Hines is one of the most influential trainers in LA. Before he became famous, he was a three-sport athlete (football, track running and basketball) in high school and went on to study at UC Davis with a scholarship in football.

He is the director of training and instructor at Cycle House, a workout class in LA which is one of the most sought classes for top-tier athletes. 

The sports host has been careful not to confirm anything between her and Hines, but she has not denied it too.

Her secretive nature has raised more questions than answers and has put her fans in a situation where they have to connect the dots themselves.

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Kristine was once rumored to be dating Colin Herd

Before Leahy and Hines began dating, she was rumored to be in a relationship with her co-host Colin Cowherd, the host of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, a sports talk radio show on FOX Sports Radio.

Leahy was spotted enjoying a vacation with Colin and fans speculated that they were dating. But neither of them confirmed the statement, and the rumor eventually fell apart. 

The poster for The Herd where Kristine Leahy is sitting behind a desk that has a lie detector on it. Colin Cowherd is sitting besides her strapped to his seat.

However, this time Leahy has been more open about her affair and has taken to Instagram to share several pictures of them together spending time in various vacation spots. 

One would have to say that Kristine Leahy and Aaron Hines are the perfect match for each other considering their mutual love and commitment to sports. Although Aaron is just her boyfriend now, fans and well-wishers are keen on hearing some good news and hope there are wedding bells in the future.

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