Kirsten Powers, a popular columnist and political pundit from America, has undoubtedly bagged millions of dollars through her career. But her salary and net worth are yet to be revealed in figures. Already been through quite a number of relationships and a divorce, Powers is reported to be single at present.

Starting her career in 1992 as a Democratic Party staff assistant with Clinton-Gore presidential transition team, Kirsten was hired as a Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Public Affairs in Clinton administration. She served from the position from 1993 till 1998.

Subsequently, she worked from various positions including press secretary, party consultant, communications consultant, and contributor on the Fox News.

Moreover, she is famous for writing columns for magazines like USA Today, The Daily Beast and Newsweek. Her numerous articles have been published in Elle, USA Today, Salon, New York Observer and also in the Wall Street Journal.

Ben Smith, a political journalist wrote that she was “emerging as one of the Democratic Party’s National Voices” in 2005.

Speaking of her personal life, she once caught the media attention in 2002 for being in the relationship with former Congressman Anthony Weiner. Though their relationship ended, they remained good friends to each other.

Afterwards, a Public Health Professor of Johns Hopkins University came into her life, following which they married in 2010. Initial years of marriage went wonderfully with each other’s support and understandings. However, they called off their marriage in 2013 with an official divorce.

The authentic reason for divorce isn’t publicized but people believe that Kirsten’s interest upon another man was the prime cause as she was seen with Tim Keller right after 2 weeks of divorce. Although none of them have announced their relationship status, they are believed to be together till date.

Kirsten’s contribution to the Democratic Party and various political positions she held throughout her career has made her a recognizable personality in the US. Believed to hold a huge net worth, the genuine figure of Kirsten Powers’s net worth and salary has not been announced yet.