Kim Cunningham is a very talented news journalist who has been a meteorologist for over 30 years. She was born on 1966 in Cincinnati, U. S. She was a bright student from her childhood. She achieved her high school degree from Creighton University situated in Omaha. She graduated in Atmospheric Science. She was a very studious girl and was not satisfied with what she had learned and went to study Applied Science in Air Force. She was also associated with Observer and Forecaster School, Illinois.

Kim Cunningham’s Early Life and Career

She was associated with The Weather Channel from the early 90’s. She served the channel as an anchor. Then in the year 1991, she joined TWC as an analyst of the weather. Her hard work and devotion played a key role to help her gain more success. Due to great looks and amazing personality, she succeeded from early in her career. She was a curious person and was interested in finding out the mystery of nature.

She had a deep interest in finding out the relation between lightning, hurricanes, storms, and tornados. Her research on various subjects made her very informative which improved her presentation skills day by day and established her as a well-reputed meteorologist of America. She chose meteorology because on April 3, 1974, Cincinnati was hit by F5 tornado, the largest tornado ever recorded.

The very talented girl got earned more fame day by day and then she left the American Air Force and joined The Weather Channel. When she worked for the Air Force, she was a southern and tropical hemisphere forecaster. She served the Air Force for two years. At the beginning of her career at The Weather Channel, she worked behind the camera. Then in 1995, she joined on-screen meteorologist apprentice program. Her hard work at The Weather Channel rewarded her post of supervisor.

The glamorous lady has great looks and perfect body measurements have earned her many viewers. She is very beautiful and light makeup is always enough to enhance her beauty. The hot journalist is often seen on beautiful dresses showing off her slender legs. She is still very charming even after attaining an age of 47 years. She is well behaved with others at work and always has a smile on her face. 

Kim Cunningham’s Married, Children & Personal Life

She is living happily with her husband and four children. She is married to Marty Cunningham. Her marriage changed her name from Kim Perez to Kim Cunningham. They are in deep love and there is no news about their divorce.

The way the police sergeant Marty Cunningham proposed Kim for marriage was a very mesmerizing way. He proposed her on-camera which was a surprise for her. The family is now leading a luxurious life.

Kim Cunningham’s Awards and Books

The fabulous news star has bagged many awards. She was the member of AMS and NWA. She was given the opportunity to become a co-author of the book “You can be a Woman Meteorologist”. The book was written to give inspiration to other young girls to be courageous and bold like her. She was also the first woman to work in the severe weather section. We get a very valuable lesson from her life, life is not always a bed of roses. We have to face many ups and downs.

We got to fight every time and move on with a smile and struggle for a better tomorrow. When we work with full determination, we achieve success and the world also appreciates our work. We cannot find details regarding this lady on the Wikipedia. However, we can find a brief bio of the lady in other websites. She is active on social networking sites too. Her fans can simply follow her on Twitter and Facebook to get her latest updates.