Updated: 06/07/2017 04:32 PM | First Published: 11/04/2016 01:47 PM

PDA couple! Kendall Schmidt was spotted kissing girlfriend Micaela Von Turkovich. Since when are they dating?

Kendall Schmidt and Micaela von Turkovich have publicly displayed their affection with a kiss in front of many. Above all, his shirtless pics have really attracted many people.Kendall Schmidt’s birthdays must have been special for Micaela as well. Dating from quite a long time, Kendall must have spent his birthday with a bash with her girlfriend.

Kendall Schmidt has a great chemistry with his third girlfriend

After arriving at a grand hotel in the beautiful panorama of Ischia, Italy, the beautiful couple Kendall and Von kissed each other passionately. The attendants of the Hotel Regina Isabella must have been jealous of the way the couple was showing the passion for each other. Moreover, the incident did create a lot of gossips – not all were good.

The 25 years old singer was in Italy for a live performance with some of his colleagues. At the same time, his beautiful girlfriend went along. She accompanied Kendall wherever he wanted to be and made romantic memories.

According to the reports, Kendall Schmidt has been dating Micaela for a few years now. They met after Kendall’s breakup with Kayslee Collins in 2010 and Katelyn Tarver in 2012.

Kendall says that he wants a longer relationship with his present girl. Perhaps, Micaela wants the same too. They are loved by everyone.

Kendall Schmidt doesn't have a muscular body, but still looks hot

Born on November 2, 1990, Kendall Schmidt has been quite a grown-up man. He weighs a staggering 170 pounds and stands 180 centimeters tall. These measurements give him a good-looking average body. Recently, it’s been in the news that Kendall is working out to improve his physique. Perhaps, that impresses Micaela as well!

Recently, it’s been in the news that Kendall is working out to improve his physique. Perhaps, that impresses Micaela as well!

Kendall is a lean man – not an athletic looking person. However, he is adored by girls when he is shirtless and walking on the beach. This example does prove: you don’t need to have a great body to look hot.

Look at his shirtless pics in any social medias. He looks good, doesn’t he? He is a kind of man who attracts women with his impeccable features, not merely the physique.

Micaela and Kendall have good times together in their birthdays. Recently, Kendall had a nice private party with Micaela on his 26th birthday. Kendall Schmidt and Micaela Von Turkovich seem sure enough to spend the rest of their lives with each other, and thus they are not afraid to make any PDA.