Updated: 09/04/2017 05:24 PM | First Published: 08/08/2016 12:00 PM

Kelly Evans rumored to have married secretly: Tied knot with longtime boyfriend

Famous CNBC reporter Kelly Evans is wearing a grey suit and a small neck pendant. The reporter does not want to be engaged in any social media sites and thus she has deactivated her accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Co-anchor on the CNBC show Closing Bell, Kelly Evans has been rumored to be married due to an interesting tweet.

Revelation of Kelly Evans' relationship status surprised all the fans

Two years ago, a tweet from a supposed fan surfaced in the media which said “@Kelly_Evans good night. Big bang séries tonight. Nice week-end with your husband and children.”

A tweet from @jcdguerr1 to @Kelly_Evans posted on 22 November 2014. This tweet claimed that Kelly Evans has husband and children but it was not verified.

Many people then assumed the anchor to be married to an unrevealed boyfriend and had children with him. The rumor didn’t stir up much attention as Kelly never responded to the tweet. 

Any credible sources did not prove the authenticity of that tweet. Also, that fan had tweeted Kelly Evans and her other colleagues from CNBC frequently in the past. So we can assume that he was just trying to gain attention from the anchor and her colleagues.

No other rumors like these have surfaced over the years that advocate Kelly’s marital status. Though the anchor hasn’t been linked with any man, fans of the 31-year-old would understand if she was to marry someone soon.

Kelly Evans doesn't want to be engaged in social media

A tweet from @jcdguerr1 to @Kelly_Evans posted on 22 November 2014. This tweet claimed that Kelly Evans has husband and children but it was not verified.

The anchor, who likes to keep her personal life and professional life apart, had deactivated her Facebook and Instagram accounts a long time ago, and now she has done the same with her Twitter account as well. She has said that her personal relationships were being hampered because of her addiction to social media.

She wrote on July 21, 2016, “Last Friday, I deactivated my Twitter account, thereby severing an eight-year relationship that had become a big part of my professional — and personal — life.”

"I felt lost in endless spools of social media, all the while emails by the thousands were piling up, phone calls were getting lost in the mix, and messages from the most important people in my life were getting drowned out in the din.”

- Kelly Evans

She said that she shut down her social media accounts because she needed to keep out the online distractions and engage with people, issues in the real world.

Her exit from social media has brought upon various new speculations. Most of her fans speculate that she is involved in a relationship and doesn’t want details on her boyfriend surfacing. People have also assumed the anchor to have secretly married during her exit from social media.

Name Kelly Evans
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