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Kelly Evans

Kelly Evans in short curly hair wearing a black dress. She is wearing a long necklace and has a mic tucked in her dress. She is giving a wide smile.

Kelly Evans is one of the recognizable faces on CNBC who appears as a co-anchor on Closing Bell. She is an American Journalist and reporter who honed her skills at The Wall Street Journal.

Kelly Evans played lacrosse as a high school student

Kelly Evans playing lacrosse during her high school years. The CNBC reporter was a state level lacrosse player. She was also engaged in cross country and track

Born on July 17, 1985, in Lexington, Virginia was raised near the Blue Ridge Mountains by her father, David Evans. Kelly Evans completed her high school from Rockbridge High School, where she earned eight letters in lacrosse, cross country, and track. Following her achievement, she was placed 8th at the Cross-country state championship in her sophomore year in high school.

Evans graduated from the Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia with great praise and a bachelor’s degree in business journalism. She was also a recipient of George Washington Honor Scholarship.

Kelly Evans launched her career from The Wall Street Journal

Kelly Evans smiling and holding a coffee mug on left hand and a book on right hand. She started her career as a Wall Street journalist and is currently serving CNBC

Kelly Evans kick-started her career as a Journalist covering finance and real estate at The Wall Street Journal. She wrote columns such as Ahead of the Tapes, Heard on the Street over the years for The Wall Street Journal.

Kelly joined CNBC in May 2012 and was compared to former CNBC host Erin Burnett, who left CNBC to host a news program on CNN. Kelly was initially hired at CNBC Europe’s London, England headquarters.

She was a moderator for 2012 Republican Primary debate which was held in Myrtle Beach, South California and also moderated James Carville versus Ann Coulter debate as a part of the 25th annual mock convention held in her university. It was in 2013 when Kelly joined CNBC’s New Jersey headquarters.

Never married Kelly Evans was once rumored to have a secret husband

CNBC reporter Kelly Evans speaking during the 5th annual Executive Marketing Summit at the New York Stock Exchange held on 30 September 2013. As far as one knows, Kelly Evans is not married or engaged to anyone

Kelly is a low key person, as news about her personal life hasn’t escaped into the tabloids. She is supposedly single as she has failed to mention details on her current boyfriend or husband. 

However, back in 2014, a random person on tweeted Kelly Evans which fueled the rumor that she had married and had children with her unrevealed husband.

Name Kelly Evans
Profession Journalist
Gender Female
Birthday July 17, 1985
Age 35 Years Old
Star Sign Cancer