Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel are locked in a continuing custody dispute over their two kids. The former ‘Southern Charm’ costars embraced their daughter Kensie for the very first time at the tail end of the inagural season in 2014.

As the pair’s on-off relationship intensified, Dennis became pregnant again in 2015. Later in November, they welcomed son Saint. Since Dennis and Ravenel split in 2016, she lost custody of their kids in the midst of battling drug abuse. The reality TV star soon went for rehab and filmed her transition to sobriety on Southern Charm.

In 2017, a court-appointed medical professional recommended the notion of co-parents. After the season 5 finale aired in July 2018, it was confirmed that Dennis was awarded 50/50 custody of her son and daughter.

Months later, though, Dennis filed an amendment to the custody arrangement in October 2018. She submitted a report a month after Ravenel was indicted for violence and second-degree battery as a result of a reported January 2015 altercation with an ex-nanny of their kids. In the wake of his arrest, Bravo stated Ravenel will no longer feature on Southern Charm.

Dennis then obtained the full custody of their children “The Mother is informed and believes it is the best interests of the minor children that she be granted sole custody and/or primary custody of the minor children … with reasonable visitation granted to the Father,” read court documents filed by Dennis in October 2018.

In August 2019, the judge imposed an interim injunction about child care and the duo’s custody of the kids and ruled that Dennis and Ravenel must have shared custody.

Over a year later, the custody arrangement was changed, with Ravenel’s counsel announcing in March 2021 that Dennis had lost temporary custody of the children and now gets supervised visitation on weekends after a court order a month earlier.

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